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Brussels Belittles Women with PC-Crusade Against the ‘Glass Ceiling’

Amid the tumult of Greek debt negotiations – the EU’s “Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality” has proposed imposing bizarre new measures to encourage more women to stay in science and technical careers, citing a “glass ceiling” holding back their advancement. It


The CBI: Wrong Then, Wrong Now On Britain’s EU Membership

Now an In/Out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is guaranteed by the newly re-elected Prime Minister, David Cameron, it is open season for the Confederation of Business and Industry (CBI) to attempt to scaremonger the public into voting to

General Election 2015 campaign - April 7th

Yesterday’s Man Tony Blair is Wrong About The EU, Too

Tony Blair, the disgraced former prime minister and possible war criminal, believes an EU referendum would be “dangerous” for Britain. He has come out strongly backing Ed Miliband on ruling out an In/Out referendum in the next term of Parliament. Blair was wrong about many things; he was an advocate


EU Crackdown on Tax-Avoidance Spells Trouble for Britain

Something went by unnoticed in the press – an EU crackdown on sweetheart tax deals was announced in a decision by the EU’s Council of Ministers. While there is certainly a public interest to see multinationals pay their fair share, the fact

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The Church of England and the Archbishop of Brussels

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Left-wing bishops who run the Church of England, have published a 52-page pastoral letter stacked with leftist clichés. It might very well be the straw which breaks the camel’s back. It vilified Thatcherism, the