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TCM Classic Film Festival – Thanks for the Memories

TCM Classic Film Festival – Thanks for the Memories

I don’t know about your home, but at Castle Leigh, the first channel we always check out on ye olde flat-screen is Turner Classic Movies. (Just nod if you understand. To those who don’t have the habit yet, I can

Want to Change the World? Apply Here!

Want to Change the World? Apply Here!

Want to change the world? If you’re a libertarian or a conservative, you might send a check to your favorite politician, party or think tank. If you’re really riled up, you may volunteer for a phone bank so you can

Make Culture, Not Think Tanks

Mike Flynn recently wrote a cri de coeur on Big Government asking why conservatives have failed to move back the needle on government spending despite the profusion of conservative think tanks, foundations, policy shops, grass-roots organizations, and sundry other pointy-headed

Make Culture, Not Think Tanks

Mike Flynn recently wrote a cri de coeur on Big Government asking why conservatives have failed to move back the needle on government spending despite the profusion of conservative think tanks, foundations, policy shops, grass-roots organizations, and sundry other pointy-headed

Want to Change the World Through Pop Culture? Apply Now!

If you could control the culture or the government, which would you choose? It’s kind of a trick question. Because if you control the culture, the government will follow. (And no, the converse is not true – unless your government

'Red Eye': A Funny Right-Leaning Show That's Earned a Better Time Slot

Fox News’ Red Eye has established numerous firsts for a cable news program: First talking newspaper, first intergalactic correspondent, first openly gay host. But the show’s most ground-breaking achievement, the one that will rank it right up there with The

No Love 'Lost'

Before Season 6, my wife was a die-hard “Lost” fan. For five years, during the appointed hour, I wasn’t allowed to so much as breathe. And heaven help me if I had to walk past the TV screen. Suddenly, my

Predictions: Who Will Win, Who Should Win, & Oscar Baiting

It’s that time of the year again — Oscar time! (Cue “Hooray It’s Hollywood!” music.) I know it’s supposed to be uncool to care, but I grew up watching the Oscars with my mom every year, and just can’t kick

For Liberty Lovers 'We The Living' Arrives on DVD

An extraordinary film just came out on DVD which couldn’t be more timely. It’s about a fiercely outspoken, beautiful woman trapped in a country rapidly descending into socialism, with the government steadily ratcheting up control over all aspects of life.

Promising Pre-Med Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine

September 10, 2010 The Nobel Prize Committee announced today that it is awarding the Prize in Medicine to Jimmy Duncan, a senior at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, New York, for getting a 97 on his bio-chem final. “The

Honoring September 11th: The Restart of History

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” – Michael Corleone, Godfather Part III True story: As a young man just out of law school, I was consumed with politics. I even went to work on

'jOker': 'Art is What You Can Get Away With'

In 1987, Andres Serrano submerged a small plastic crucifix in a glass jar of his own urine and called it Piss Christ. Not to be outdone, Chris Ofili daubed elephant dung on a painting of the Virgin Mary. While some

'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince': An Alternate View

So, John Nolte didn’t much care for the new “Harry Potter” movie. If memory serves, he didn’t care for movies 1-5, either. He admits, however, to never reading the books. This is a fatal error in appreciating the “Harry Potter”

Into the Gathering Storm

If you’re a history buff and you’ve got HBO, then have I got a movie for you: Into the Storm. (And if you’re cable-less, add it to your NetFlix queue.) Yes, it’s made-for-HBO, but it’s from the John Adams/Band of

Angels, Demons and the Magical Missing Middle Easterner

A frequent cavil by participants in the Angels & Demons debate is, “It’s just a movie!” (Or, “It’s fiction!”) The implication is that the filmmakers made this movie just so they could tell a ripping good yarn. Stipulating for the

Ron Howard's 'Demon' Defense Doesn't Hold Water

People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to. – Malcolm Muggeridge I’m a fan of Ron Howard. I’m also a Roman Catholic. So when Howard recently defended his upcoming film, Angels and Demons, on

Exclusive! Obama's Amazon Gift List for Gordon Brown!

People are still buzzing about Barack Obama’s apparent “dis” of Gordon Brown last week, when the British prime minister paid his first official visit to the new president at the White House. Brown presented Obama with the following gifts: •

If only

Mickey Rourke is thinking right now: If only my wrestler character was gay….

Oh, no.

Another actor half-circle jerk.


Haven’t you seen Larry King Live [sic]?

They did it.

They managed to ruin one of my favorite parts of the Oscars. Just so they could show off their fancy-pants graphics and big-screen TV collection.

The Lives of Other Inconvenient Truths

It comes as no surprise that the liberal blogosphere did a collective spit–take over the National Review’s recent list of the top 25 conservative films of the past 25 years (full disclosure: the Buckleyites invited me to comment on one

Bill Gates: Release the Mosquitos!

True story: Bill Gates — yes, that Bill Gates — released a swarm of mosquitos at a technology conference. He did it (or so he claims) to demonstrate how malaria spreads. Reportedly, he waited a minute or two before he

Bird of a Different Feather

Yesterday the Guardian, a left-leaning British newspaper, ran a column accusing Pixar of the unforgivable crime of hypocrisy. When it comes to Toy Story and WALL-E, the Guardian has a point. After all, any movie that preaches the evils of

Ben Stein's Commencement Day Off

Let me start by laying my cards on the table: I have no personal beef with evolution. I believe evolutionary theory can be perfectly compatible with religion. And I sincerely (if perhaps naively) hope this doesn’t devolve (get it?) into

Re: What's Not to Like: Gillibrand

I had the privilege of interviewing Rep. Gillibrand for a documentary currently in the works. Barely knew who she was at the time, but by the end of the interview, I knew she was going places. Smart, sharp, personable —

And the Oscar goes to – who cares?

With its stubborn refusal to nominate Dark Knight, the second-highest grossing movie of all time, for Best Picture, the Academy seems determined to fade into irrelevancy. This year’s Oscars will be the lowest-rated ever. How do I know? For one

"Arrows cost money. Use up the Irish."

The great actor Patrick McGoohan has passed away. He starred as the title character in the cult TV series “The Prisoner,” but is probably best known to contemporary audiences as King Edward I, aka Longshanks, in one of my favorite

Irony is Dead; Long Live Irony!

After 9/11, a flood of articles proclaimed the death of irony and cynicism. That lasted about two weeks. Jon Stewart and company were back on the irony beat faster than you could tell a dumb Bush joke. (Are we really

Bill Holden & BCS Madness

If you’re like me (and who isn’t?), you’ve been distracted today, and not very productive. (Well, that’s me every day, but I digress.) Instead, you’ve been counting down the minutes to 5:15 PM (PST) tonight, when the BCS college football