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Likely Dem Challenger in Walker Recall Running Away from Labor Issue

Likely Dem Challenger in Walker Recall Running Away from Labor Issue

The Democrats in Wisconsin are following through with their vow to (publicly at least)  make the recall campaign about issues other than the contentious collective bargaining issue that fueled the petition drive that forced the impromptu election. This move has

Protesters Mock National Anthem at Wisconsin Tea Party

Protesters Mock National Anthem at Wisconsin Tea Party

[Madison, Wisc…] Not long ago, it was unthinkable to disrespect the National Anthem in anyway whatsoever. However pro-labor union protesters showed no hesitation in crossing that line on Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin. As thousands prepared to gather for the Americans

One Year Later Unions in Wisconsin Vow to Reclaim Power

Happy Anniversary. As Wisconsin marks the one year anniversary of historic labor reforms, the public employee unions, backed by legislative Democrats, vow to reclaim the state for their members.

The Latest News from the Wisconsin Recall Elections

Here’s the latest from the oft times unbelievable Wisconsin recall saga.  The State Board overseeing the election is only looking for duplicate signatures and obvious fake names on the recall petitions (thanks to a court order), and they are going

Official State of Wisconsin Study Confirms Success of School Choice

This is big news for those who support education reform, school choice, educating kids, etc. [youtube VNMp1nT1OLw] Students attending private schools in Milwaukee with publically funded vouchers showed stronger gains in achievement than their public school counterparts, according to the latest release from

Double Reverse: Scott Walker Recall Petitions Finally Posted Online

It’s not quite an online database, but it’s a start. After reneging on their promise to post pdfs of the Scott Walker recall petitions online, the misnamed Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has relented. The signatures are now online, here. Earlier

Despite Below Freezing Temps, Thousands Rally for Scott Walker

What started out as an idea on Facebook mushroomed into a full scale political rally on Saturday as more than 3,000 people braved frigid temps to attend a ‘Celebrate Walker’ rally in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The event

Soros Funded Org Seeks Student Help to Build Counter to ALEC

University of Wisconsin Professor Joel Rogers wants to build a lefty alternative to the ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. He recently hit up some of his students for help with the project, while they were waiting for their grades

Public Employee Sets Record Straight, Thanks Taxpayers

Watch this brave and honest public employee at the end of this video. [youtube RmvC-91lTME] The MacIver Institute and The Americans for Prosperity Foundation sponsored an It’s Working! town hall meeting on Saturday, January 7, 2012 in Southeast Wisconsin. Participants

'Green' Stimulus Boondoggle Brings Fewer Than 20 Jobs for $6 Million

Another tale of OPM addiction. OPM. Other People’s Money. The problems with ‘green job’ creation and the incompetence of the federal government are both evident when analyzing how a “stimulus” program failed to produce jobs in Wisconsin. Other than a

MacIver Responds To PolitiFact On Wisconsin Recall Signature Fraud

As you may have noticed, PolitiFact tried to take the MacIver News Service to task over our reporting of a recent meeting of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB). Specifically, they rated as “Mostly False” our report on the recall

Wis. Recall Caption Contest

As seen at a busy Wisconsin intersection on December 17, 2011. Leave your suggested caption in the comments section.

Wis. Election Official Belittles GOP Lawmakers via Twitter

More from the Mickey Mouse Club known as the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. [Madison, Wisc…] The same employee who admitted the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board would deem all recall signatures valid, even if they were signed Mickey Mouse or Adolf

Tea Party Recall Verification Effort in Wisconsin Starts Strong

Tea Party leaders in Wisconsin are happy with what they are calling an overwhelming response to their efforts to verify the signatures on the Governor Scott Walker Recall petitions. In one day, more than 1,000 volunteers from across Wisconsin and

Scott Walker Taunted with Nazi Salute at Christmas Tree Ceremony

Every day, a new low. [youtube o9bQNcCf8No] Wisconsin governor Scott Walker says he’s used to pro-government labor union protesters showing up at every one of his public appearances. So it was no surprise that a few dozen were on hand