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City Of London Provokes EU Jealousy

The vitality and success of the City of London is not because of Britain’s European Union (EU) membership, but in spite of it. As the EU referendum date draws closer, passionate arguments on both sides will soon be overtaken by


The EU Referendum Is Being Swept Under The Carpet

While Labour remains in disarray, the makeup of the Conservative Party will be very important for the Brexit campaign. As many front benchers espouse the regular platitudes to please their voters, it is clear the gap between the Conservative grassroots

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The EU is No Friend of Britain’s Small Businesses

The lifeblood of any economy are the small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) spurred on by entrepreneurship and the drive for profit. So why does the EU raise barriers to entry for our small businesses struggling to get a foothold? Just


Europhile Glee for Obama is Naive

Winston Churchill once famously remarked “We must aim at nothing less than the Union of Europe as a whole”. Often quoted by Europhiles to twist the great Statesman’s legacy – they also forget Churchill also stated ‘If Britain must choose between Europe and the

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Tory Business Secretary Slaps Down Europhile Business Group

Business Secretary Sajid Javid has fired a shot across the bows of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) regarding its recent claim Britain should remain in the European Union “no matter what”. Yes – this is the same CBI which received £800,000 in grants


Distant Strasbourg Lawyers Do Not Guarantee Britain’s Rights

During the celebrations of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, we would do well to remember Britain’s civil and tolerant nature derives from our own traditions and not those handed down to us by the Eurocrats. Signed in 1215,


EU Commissioners Exploit Defence to Push Federalism

Following EU President Jean-Claude Juncker​’s​ call for an EU army, ​the European Parliament voted to implement the Common Security and Defence Policy last week. As Get Britain Out reported back in March, this confirms​​ the worst fears of deeper integration

Soldiers of a Eurocorps detachment raise the European Union flag to mark the inaugural European Parliament session on June 30, 2014, in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France.

No Signs of EU Reform Yet as Brussels Remains Belligerent

As David Cameron continues his tour of European capitals, the EU cannot help but send out terrible signals to the British electorate. Since the general election result, you might assume Brussels would try to smother us with positive visions of