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Penn Jillette Responds: 'Is Dissent Still Patriotic?'

One of my favorite performers, Penn Jillette (and if you haven’t watched the duo of Penn and Teller debunk a broad spectrum of nonsense on their show “Bulls***!“, you should) says a few words about my column — or, more

"Hope" – The Legal Battle!

An interesting kerfuffle recently erupted when the Associated Press accused Shepard Fairey, the artist who designed the famous Barack Obama Hope graphic, of copyright infringement and threatened to sue him. Glen E. Friedman — the super-talented chronicler of my cultural

Oscar the Ouch

There are few things more unappealing than the orgy of self-adulation one witnesses during a celebrity awards show. Yes, the Oscar nominations are here, and America simply can’t afford to stand idly by anymore. Not after the Academy of Motion

They Don't Make 'Em Like Fonda Anymore

While I was growing up in the liberal New York, my father, a rock-ribbed Republican and immigrant from communist Eastern Europe, was prone to hold grudges against entertainers. Thus, The Boycott was instituted to include a wide array of comedians,