Diana West

Diana West

Who Really Won the Cold War?

How could there be anything left to say about World War II and the Cold War that hasn’t been said already? We know the narrative, start to finish. In researching my new book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our

Who Really Won the Cold War?

Karzai and Mullahs Flex Afghanistan's Sharia Muscle

The articles of the Afghanistan constitution open as follows: Article OneCh. 1. Art. 1 Afghanistan is an Islamic Republic, independent, unitary and indivisible state. Article TwoCh. 1, Art. 2 The religion of the state of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Karzai and Mullahs Flex Afghanistan's Sharia Muscle

'American Taliban' Attorney Now Number Three at DOJ

Just as Koran-Burning Rage 2012 must not be seen as an isolated event but rather as a cycle of sharia ascendancy, or, as indicated in my last column, another notch in our decline into dhimmitude, so, too, the advance of

'American Taliban' Attorney Now Number Three at DOJ

Islamic [Insert Pretext Here] Rage: When Grievances Become Jihad

Six U.S. military men have been murdered by Afghan security forces seized by what may be labeled Quran-Burning Rage. Quran-Burning Rage follows Pastor Jones Rage, which, after a Florida pastor burned a Quran in 2011, seized Afghan Muslims and inspired

Islamic [Insert Pretext Here] Rage: When Grievances Become Jihad

French Parfumier on Trial in Paris for 'Racism'

For years now, we’ve watched an increasingly totalitarian Europe arise in the courtrooms of infamous speech trials in Holland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, England, and elsewhere as dictatorial government authorities use the courts to maintain their political power against political

French Parfumier on Trial in Paris for 'Racism'

Sacrebleu: Does Liberty = Nazism?

I’ve been following (here and here) the escalating controversy in France over recent remarks made by a conservative French minister, Claude Gueant, to the effect that civilizations that support liberty, fraternity, equality (sounds like France) are superior to civilizations that

Sacrebleu: Does Liberty = Nazism?


In a recent post about military censorship of  news of two Marine casualties in a January 18, 2012, suicide bomber attack on Kajaki Sofla bazaar (“COIN Claims Another Two Casualties in Afghanistan”), I referred to a October 31, 2011 IED

Operation Enduring and Unexamined Dementia, Cont'd

US Army and Afghan Army play volleyball in southwestern Kandahar in 2011. On Sunday, a similar match in Zabul province turned deadly when an Afghan Army member shot and killed one American, wounding three. — It would be most helpful

COIN Claims Another Two American Casualties in Afghanistan

Military censorship only goes so far. Now we know, contrary to official reports, at least two US Marines were hit by the bomb driven into the Kajaki Sofla bazaar by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle on January 18, 2012.

Beastweek vs. Wilders: No Contest

Beastweek decided to take a swipe at Geert Wilders this month — no particular reason, just because he’s still there. It’s a singularly empty piece, a selection of complaints by Christopher Dickey rattling around, anchored by an almost comically validating

Should Christians Ally Themselves with Muslim Pro-Life Advocates at the U.N.?

When anti-abortion advocate Austin Ruse explained to his audience that because his sturdiest allies at the United Nations were Muslims countries, his international anti-abortion coalition could not also be an international religious freedom coalition, my dhimmitude-meter kicked on — dhimmitude

The New ISAF Order

Having declared its policy of censoring information about Afghan-on-Western attacks inside the wire — an outrage! — ISAF now seems to be censoring information about every other kind of troop casualty, too. From the AP today: KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) —

Haditha: Where Are They (the Accusers) Now?

Eight charged; seven cleared; one, please, let’s hope, to go. Finally, the last “Haditha” trial is in progress, and, thanks to Nat Helms at Defend Our Marines, everything you need or want to know about the proceedings, the witnesses, the

Uncle Sam Plays Three-Card-Mohammed and Guess Who Wins?

The Secretary of State wears clothes, all right, but is she really ready to deal? — The Wall Street Journal reports: JANI KHEL, Afghanistan–In the American war against the Taliban, on whose side are the Afghan police? For many U.S.

Taliban "Reintegration" and the Easter Rabbit

Ever wonder how Taliban “re-integration” in Afghanistan works? The Stars and Stripes reports on one case, which started after a tribal elder with (an “oyster-grey beard”) paid a call on the US military at an Afghan government center. “We would

Mumbai Strategy Revealed By Lashkar-e-Taiba Terrorist David Headley

Somehow, the face of American-born Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Daood Sayed Gilani, aka David Coleman Headley, comes as news to me. Don’t know how I missed it, but it seems that news stories detailing his poisonous international career as a star facilitator

The New York Times Notices Afghan Army Murder Spree

The New York Times sees — but knows not what it sees. KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan soldier turned his gun on American military personnel while they were playing volleyball at a camp in southern Afghanistan, killing one and wounding

Tony Blankley (1949-2012), RIP

I am deeply saddened and shocked to learn that Tony Blankley has died. Tony, by virture of his quite remarkable career and background spanning Hollywood and Washington, California and the East Coast, the US and Great Britain, was himself a

Choice at the UN: The Tensions of Interfaith Pro-Life Lobbyists

Heard an interesting talk this week by Austin Ruse, who, heading up a Catholic NGO at the United Nations, is on a professional and vocational quest to prevent the UN, in its various documents and legal instruments, both non-binding and

The View From The Tower

If I were a psychiatrist, I could find the perfect label for the depths of denial or heights of delusion that manifest themselves in Frederick and Kimberly Kagan’s latest declarations on Iraq published in the Washington Post as “opinion.” “Fantasy”

Looking Back On The Crystal Ball

During a semi-bi-annual clean-up of my study, I came across an undated scrap of Washington Post on which Brookings’ Robert Kagan briefly but thoroughly excoriated George Will for advocating US withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan. It apparently dates back back

US Muslim Outreach … In Sangin

Deputy District Gov. Mohammad Akbar Khan (left) sits with Navy Lt. Asif Balbale (center) and Lt. Cmdr. David Todd in the district governor’s compound in Sangin, Afghanistan, Sept. 3. —- Asif Balbale is a Muslim Navy chaplain and imam. He

'Rebels,' 'Terrorists,' and Anti-Aircraft Missiles

France’s Sarkosy may find it perfectly swell that an “al Qaeda asset,” Adbelhakim Belhadj, is commander of rebel forces in Tripoli, a story gradually seeping into MSM consciousness. According to the Asia Times’ Pepe Escobar, however, Belhadj, founder and “emir”