The New ISAF Order

Having declared its policy of censoring information about Afghan-on-Western attacks inside the wirean outrage! — ISAF now seems to be censoring information about every other kind of troop casualty, too.

From the AP today:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) — A suicide attacker set off a vehicle laden with explosives Thursday outside a gate at a sprawling base for U.S. and NATO operations, killing seven civilians in a second suicide bombing in as many days in southern Afghanistan, officials said…

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the afternoon attack at a crowded entrance to Kandahar Air Field, claiming they were targeting a NATO convoy.

Two witnesses told The Associated Press that they suspect the suicide car bomber was trying to hit U.S. forces because he detonated his explosives just as two pickup trucks, which they say are often used by American special forces, were leaving the base.

The coalition said no NATO troops were killed. It does not disclose information about injured troops. …

Since when?

On Wednesday, 13 civilians, including three Afghan policemen were killed when a suicide attacker blew himself up in a bazaar in neighboring Helmand Province.

The Helmand governor’s office said 22 others were wounded in the blast in Kajaki district.

The coalition said some international troops were killed and wounded in the attack, but did not disclose details.

Late Wednesday, NATO reported that one coalition trooper had been killed in an explosion in southern Afghanistan, but would not say whether the service member died in the Kajaki bombing, or some other incident. …