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Bold Leadership Versus Political Parasites

In response to Peter Schweizer’s shocking revelations in Throw Them all Out, I organized a call for the resignation of our local Congressman, Spencer Bachus. I was in good company, flanked by conservative giants Andrew Breitbart and Stephen K. Bannon,

Liberal Media Cookbook: Twisting Legislators into Lunatics

A very curious, but not surprising, piece from Reuters this morning chronicled a speech by Michele Bachmann given to senior citizens this weekend in Poinciana, Florida. This seemingly straightforward piece illustrates how bias toward evangelical Christians can work to marginalize

Anders Behring Breivik: The Psychology Of A Terrorist

If Leftist media outlets had their way, the whole world would be pinning the tragic shootings in Norway on the Tea Party. First Amendment notwithstanding, the Tea Party would be systematically dismantled by the FCC, the ATF, and big government.