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Report: Palestinian President Abbas Enriching Self with Aid Money

Report: Palestinian President Abbas Enriching Self with Aid Money

When you put unaccountable leaders in place and throw money at them, almost without fail they steal it. While not endemic to only the Arab world, it does seem to happen there with unsurprising regularity. Rumor has it that Egyptian

Lies, Damn Lies and the New York Times on Israel

Lies, Damn Lies and the New York Times on Israel

Earlier this week a non-partisan judicial committee in Israel, headed up by retired Supreme Court justice Edmund Levy, released it’s report on the legal status of Judea and Samaria. The main finding of the report was the legality of the

Wounded Warrior: The Band of Pseudo Bronies Donation Drive

Wounded Warrior: The Band of Pseudo Bronies Donation Drive

Not too long ago on this very website, Kurt Schlichter introduced us to the world of Bronies. This expose unleashed a torrent of juvenile hate from offended man-children across the globe. In attempt to bridge the gap I have put

Netanyahu Unyielding in Meeting with Obama

Netanyahu Unyielding in Meeting with Obama

Less than a year ago, Barack Obama surprised Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu with a call for a total freeze on Jewish building in Judea and Samaria after the annual AIPAC conference. In turn, Netanyahu unloaded on Obama with a

Twitter Debacle: Complying With International Law Or Censorship?

The online world was up in arms last week after Twitter announced they would be complying with local speech laws around the world. The service would be taking down tweets that the local government deemed illegal. Obviously the chorus of “Censorship!” was

The Wall Street Journal Falls for Palestinian Fauxtography Hoax

The modern Arab-Jewish conflict has played itself out on many fronts in the last 60 years. Israel has been vastly more successful on the field of battle, but the Arabs have managed to co-opt the media narrative. For a generation,

BBC's 'Sherlock': Season Two Stunning Opener

As is apparent from perusing Big Hollywood for any given amount of time that the current crop of Prime Time Television shows leave quite a bit to be desired. There is also nothing new under the sun, plots are rehashed,

'REAMDE' Review: Genre Mashup Explores Character, Radical Ideologies

Rice Krispie Treats. They are the perfect metaphor for Neal Stephenson’s latest novel, “REAMDE.” Stephenson likes to make poetic illustrations about junk food in some of his books, most famously his paean to Cap’n Crunch in the “Cryptonomicon.” This time

Krugman Excommunicates Politifact For Disagreeing With Him

It’s true that Paul Krugman says some outlandish things- from heartily embracing the criminal Occupy folks to continuing to believe whole heartedly in Keynesian economics well past its sell date, Krugman is happy to beclown himself. Given the opportunity, and

Gingrich and the Imaginary Palestinians

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has caused something of a storm with his latest statements on foreign policy. Earlier in the week he threw the leftist MSM into a bit of a tizzy with his promise to appoint John Bolton to

Dear Newsmax, Eason Jordan? Really?

There have been a great number of debates this primary season. Some have been more interesting than others. Some have been soporific and a few have had some exciting moments. While there may be those who take issue with how

FDU Poll: Fox News Makes You Stupid (Ignore Our Margin Of Error)

It’s Thursday. You know what that means don’t you? Another university “study” that proves that viewers of Fox News are uninformed boobs. This time it’s out of Farleigh-Dickinson University in New Jersey. Their shocking claim is “watching Fox News makes

The New York Times Can't Abstain From Bias Even In An Obituary

There is a certain evil hidden in semantics. One of the greatest powers the press holds is their subtle control of the way readers understand complex issues. These tiny pushes, over time, build up and corrupt the way the unsuspecting

The New York Times and The Dreaded Tea Party Jihad

The Democrat talking points are out. There is one that seems to have been circulated to all the usual suspects amongst the liberal illuminati and they are repeating it over and over ad nauseum. The talking point in question? The

Friedman Pulls the Hezbollah Card

I would hope most people reading this have, at some point, heard of Godwin’s Law and its most famous corollaries. The most well known amongst them being that as soon as someone compares a person or position they disagree with

A Brief History of Comics: Part II

As they moved into the 70s the world of comic books began to change again. Superheroes were no longer the perfect ubermen of the DC universe, they now struggled with real human foibles as they tried to do the right

A Brief History of Comic Books: Part I

Ed. Note: Part two of this excellent series runs tomorrow at the same time. — J.N. I will come right out and admit it. I am a geek. I am a hardcore geek. I revel in many different realms of

The Cult of Irony and the Washington Post

I sometimes wonder if the opinion writers for the Washington Post let anyone read their articles before they get published. The main stream media at one point prided itself for its “layers of editors and fact checkers,” but they seem

Zakaria's Version of Reality Built on Contradictions

We are told Fareed Zakaria is an intelligent man, a man of letters and a journalist. With his latest article in TIME, I’m just not seeing it. It is full of contradictions and transparent attacks on conservatives followed by praise

Schrodinger's Flotilla

Summer has finally arrived and the thoughts of bored progressives and rabid jihadists turn to one thing, trying to destroy Israel. Yes, it’s that time of year again when hundreds of busybody do-gooders team up with hundreds of blood thirsty

Explaining History To Thomas Friedman. Again.

Sometimes I get tired of hashing over the same arguments again and again. Unfortunately “respected” people keep making the same debunked arguments again and again, ignoring hundreds of years of history and thinking that, this time, things will be different.

Explaining History To Thomas Friedman. Again.

Sometimes I get tired of hashing over the same arguments again and again. Unfortunately “respected” people keep making the same debunked arguments again and again, ignoring hundreds of years of history and thinking that, this time, things will be different.

Leonard Nimoy: Spock Wants to Divide Jerusalem

There is nothing that says “expert on Middle Eastern conflict resolution” more than playing an alien on television. So, the consummate expert has penned a missive to Americans for Peace Now on how he sees an end to the Arab-Israeli

Weinergate Is Like… Bristol Palin's Pregnancy

One should generally try to avoid ad hominem attacks when attempting to engage one’s political opponents but, occasionally, it is hard to avoid them. There is so much stupid happening over at MSNBC. It is a real bone deep stupid,

Newsweek: Joplin Tradgey Sign of Climate Change to Come

I’m not sure where it comes from, but there seems to be an innate human need to blame natural disasters on human failings. This receives much deserved ridicule when religious fanatics blame earthquakes on a preponderance of cleavage. The non-religious

AP Gives Up On Impartiality When Dealing with Israel

The Associated Press was, at one point, considered a reputable news source. Founded in 1846, its “news” articles and photographs are published in 1700 newspapers and used by thousands more television and radio broadcasters. There have been some controversies in

Debate at University of Massachusetts Rooted in Anti-Israel Logic

On April 26th, the far left group Students for Justice in Palestine sponsored a debate at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. The topic of the debate was, “Is Israel an Apartheid State?” Arguing the positive was Nate Kelty, self described

TIME sees the "Arab Spring" in Israel Invasion

May 14th. On this day 63 years ago the Modern state of Israel was founded, it is celebrated yearly on the Hebrew date as Yom HaAtzmaut, Independence Day. More recently another name has been attached to it; “Nakba.” Nakba is

Vampire Slayer: Buffy the Conservative

Ed. Note: Please welcome Evan to Big Hollywood and encourage his return. –JN I’ll admit I came a bit late to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I had seen the rather silly cinematic version on VHS at a friend’s house, but

Helen Thomas, Too Controversial Even for CodePink

Helen Thomas is in the news again. This time not for saying something outrageous, but for not saying anything. Since her unceremonious firing from Hearst, Thomas has been the darling of the Anti-Israel left. She was even awarded a lifetime