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A Poem: 'The Modern Liberal's Lament'

A Poem: 'The Modern Liberal's Lament'

Poor, poor, poor lucky pitiful me Born into a paradise too perfect to see Blessed with it all, but still entitled to more Too lazy to win we just didn’t keep score   Told I was great just to sooth

Weaponizing Comedy in the Culture War Against Liberalism

Weaponizing Comedy in the Culture War Against Liberalism

In his Monday interview with me, Big Hollywood’s Christian Toto rightly quoted me as saying my stand-up act (wholly separate from my more serious works which many of you have seen) is intended to “preach to the (conservative) choir,” and that my purpose,

Springsteen's 'Thunder Road' Led to Entitlement Embrace

Springsteen's 'Thunder Road' Led to Entitlement Embrace

While many bands have legions of fans, few (if any) have garnered the type of following that Bruce Springsteen has.  Long before he became famous, those who knew his work were already nothing less than devotees. Decades later, those numbers

'Primetime Propaganda': Why Hollywood Is Liberal

Inspired by Ben Shapiro’s new book, “Primetime Propaganda.” Think about a spoiled teen. His parents have given him everything he could possibly want, demanding nothing in return. His toys are piled high, his room filled with all of the latest

The Culture War Divide: American Exceptionalism

With the stunning announcement of his pending retirement, Evan Bayh – only recently on the short list to be Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008 – the question of partisanship has once again become central to our national debate. The

Ft. Hood and The Cult of Indiscriminateness

My old writing partner, the Leftist animation writer Steve Marmel, posited a question recently. He was thrown by the concept of “fairness” in the news, arguing — rightly — that facts and truth, not “balance,” should be the news media’s

The 'Me Generation': A Generation of Thieves

My generation – the “Me Generation” – and those like us have stolen every last penny from our parent’s savings accounts (Social Security). We’ve used that money to make ourselves appear successful and to vote ourselves more and more things

Honoring September 11th: Saved

I must admit to some snobbery. My kind didn’t become cops. My kind didn’t become fireman. We went to college as simply a rite of passage and became the “Masters of the Universe” holding meetings with others like us on

America, Join the Obama Coup or Get Out of the Way

Dear America, I hate you. I hate you because you’re stupid, you’re bigoted and you’re dangerous. I know that you’re stupid because you believe in an invisible man in the sky. Not only does that make you stupid, it makes

My Day At the Doctor

I went to the doctor the other day and received some terrible news. It came as quite a shock because, while I had not been feeling great — I was running a slight fever and I had the sniffles —

Stupidity, Schooling, and the Take-Over of America's Culture

Half-a-century ago, a band of Leftist thugs violently took over the administration building at Columbia University and hijacked the American education system. From that moment on, they used this system to indoctrinate – in fact brainwash – generation after generation

Troopathon 2009: Heirs to the Real and Great America

When my son was in high school he was a member of the Air Force ROTC. As the young men and women drilled around the campus, leftist teachers would slam the doors on them in hate and anger, thus putting

Bruce Springsteen: One-Hundred Percent Republican

The “culture war” that we hear so much about is, to borrow Thomas Sowell’s phrase, a “conflict of visions.” Visions, Sowell explains, go deeper than mere policy – in fact they are the font of where we stand on the