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Latin America: The Invisible War on the Press

A couple of weeks ago I was in New York, meeting with network television producers about a series they wanted to run about a story my production team and I have been reporting for more than five years: the narco-insurgency

The Consequence of 'Come On, It's Just Pot'

It was a little after midnight when I crossed over the bridge from Laredo, Texas into the sister city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. After having my car searched I was cleared through the Mexican Customs’ check point where the military

Narco-Terrorism: American Style

On a hot summer evening, in a bar in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico just across the bridge from Laredo, Texas; a thirty year-old man, on his knees, surrounded by a dozen armed guards, can be heard begging for his life, he

Without A Trace: Kidnapped from the Border

As she sat on her couch looking back at me, she wipes the tears from behind her glasses and tries to tell me about the night her youngest daughter of 18 years was suddenly and violently taken, never to be

Change? Not so Far: Our Border Drug War Still Rages

The year 2009 has been hyped by the media and political elites as the year of “change” in America. I’ve been filming and reporting on the drug war being waged in Mexico and along our southwest border for over four

"The Greatest Organizational Threat to the United States"

That statement ought to be a wake-up call for every citizen and politician in America today. Even though the mainstream media has only recently pounced on this statement, you should know that it has been posted on the DEA website

Drug Wars: Deterioration Turns to Demoralization

In times past there was a prevailing wisdom that the violence stemming from the drug war equated to just one drug dealer killing another and after they finished killing each other off, things would go back to being peaceful and

'Scarface' For Real On The Border

I’ve been documenting the Mexican drug cartels and their operations in Mexico and the U.S. on film and in print for the past four years. I’ve contributed to magazines, newspapers and presented segments on network news, I’ve written a book