Gary Hewson

CBC's Clyburn Knocks Pigford II Fraud Safeguards on House Floor

As the Pigford investigation continues, it is important to note that we have demonstrated in our Pigford Report that there is massive fraud in the Pigford I settlement, but you have yet to hear a pro-Pigford politician admit to that

Pigford: Obama's Down Payment on the 2012 Rural South Vote

As of four months ago, I was like many readers, except that I had the pleasure of writing a few articles as a contributor to and over the past year as time permitted. But things changed in

Max Baucus's Friends, Family, and F*!k Buddy Plan

As many readers know by now, on Dec 5th, Senator Max Baucus( D-MT) , the man entrusted with writing the govt. takeover bill of the American healthcare system, was forced to disclose the embarrassing fact that he had nominated his