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When Winning Is the Only Thing

It was Vince Lombardi who famously intoned that “winning is not everything, it’s the only thing.” And he was just talking about football! Of course, more and more all the time we learn of the excesses that have accompanied that kind of zealotry in the world of sports, and even the great Lombardi is known to have been pretty cagey with the rules on occasion in pursuit of “the only thing,” but it’s not football that’s on my mind today, it’s war.

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On the Mike Pence/State News Agency

When I saw the top of the home page headline concerning the newly proposed State news agency being proposed by the Pence administration (it was the top story at Tuesday, it was completely impossible for me to comprehend what I was seeing.

What the Ryan Pick Says About Mitt

What the Ryan Pick Says About Mitt

The hysterical reaction to Mitt Romney’s naming of Paul Ryan has been nothing short of comedic for those of us who bother with such trifles; every one of the usual suspects from the loons at MSNBC to the more mainstream

Lugar: 36 Years of Public Service

Lugar: 36 Years of Public Service

He was 16 when I was born, Mayor of Indianapolis (my home town) when I was a student at IU, and off to the US Senate when I was a ripe old 28; been there ever since.  And a few