Garrison: Media’s Smearing of Paris Dennard Reveals Their Totalitarianism

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR TV ONE - Left to right, panelists Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown University professor and author, Angela Sailor, former director of the Coalition Department at the RNC, Paris Dennard, political commentator, Angela Rye, political commentator and analyst, and moderator Roland Martin, Managing Editor and Host of NewsOne …
Allison Shelley/AP Images for TV One

Paris Dennard has been a contributor at CNN and a number of print publications and has enjoyed great success, even as a conservative voice in enemy territory for that whole time. Like all who would dare buck the socialist elites who run those fake news cesspools, he is always under attack, and the deck is almost always stacked badly against him. But to make matters worse, he is black.

His superb scholarship and debate skills have only served to make the lefties at CNN et al ever-more hateful and constantly on the lookout for moments of particularly odious conservative expressions from which to demand his head. It never worked until Dennard recently crushed the liberal opposition in a segment at that pseudo-news place. So exact and compelling was his defense of President Trump’s determination to revoke the security clearances of those who were no longer employed by the government that his victory sent the lefties into a tailspin. Not nearly a controversial position, right? Wrong.

If we were to take the time to explore these overtly racist positions against persons of color who have had the temerity to oppose the political party that America’s leftist elites own and control with their iron fists, the results would include the attacks made against many a patriot, like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Allen West, and J.C. Watts. These fine self-made men discovered all too soon that their accomplishments on their own behalf as well as that of black Americans everywhere were not only of no moment, but that they actually lacked the “true blackness” necessary for them to pass muster with the left.

One by one they have either quit (a decision made in favor of the safety and security of their own families) or have felt firsthand what happens to those who would—to quote Clarence Thomas—be “uppity” enough to challenge the left’s imposition of the not-so-silent code of staying in line and spouting their party line that all blacks must adhere to their pronouncements.

Ever since Americans’ brothers and sisters of color have dared to express thinking in opposition to the edicts of the left, mainstream media—read, fake news—have, in their heathen zealotry, given up the facades of honesty and integrity so that, shed of their sheep’s clothing, they are exposed for the wolves they truly are—and their totalitarian aims are laid bare.


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