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Gridlock in US Intelligence Community

Gridlock in US Intelligence Community

Since the revelations from leaked documents provided by Edward Snowden, a US government contract employee, American intelligence practices have become a subject of international controversy. While the US Congress will likely impose some regulatory reforms, legislative action will probably not

The Iran Terror Plot: Ten Steps For The White House

Somebody in Tehran wants to play Baghdad on the Hudson. Here is what to do, Mr. President. 1. Acknowledge the Obvious. No surprise that the indictment shows links to Qods Force, a special unit of the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Libya's Day After

At last Libyans have a chance to do more than merely dream of freedom and a better future. Americans can be proud that they played a role in making this day possible. But, the game in that part of the

America's Promise: It Takes The Best of Us To Keep It

When I was teaching at West Point I took a group of cadets to Normandy to study the battlefields of World War II. We stopped at the US military cemetery on the bluffs overlooking ” bloody ” Omaha Beach. As

Libya: Now What?

Before discussing the next move re Libya, let’s take stock of what we 
know now. We know, for sure, that the current adventure is far from over. 

We also know that Gadaffi isn’t going anywhere. 

We know that NATO is

What's Next In Libya? Pick Your War

In Bosnia, Iraq (second Gulf War), and Afghanistan, a short, sharp air campaign facilitated toppling the regime–but in each case ground troops followed up. In Afghanistan, the troops were local, but they failed to hold the gains–and regular troops had

Airstrikes On Libya? Where's the Plan, Mr. President?

War is like a forest fire on a breezy, summer afternoon. It’s easy to get one going, but then… From the beginning of the meltdown in the Middle East, the White House has seemed to want to do–or at least

The King Hearings: Extreme Prejudice

Usually the daily farm report packs more action than a typical Congressional hearing. But Rep. Peter King’s (R-N.Y.) hearings on domestic radicalization will be anything but normal. When the gavel calls tomorrow’s session to order, the hearing room will look

Where is Reagan's America?

No part of President’s Reagan’s legacy is more important and enduring than his belief in peace through strength. In no other aspect of his core beliefs was closer to the founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson observed, “The power of making war

Wikileaks: What To Do; What Not To Do

Dos #1. Investigate and Prosecute. We have no way of knowing if the leaks began and end with PFC Manning. Hopefully, the U.S. government knows more. Job #1 is to put the investigation into overdrive, identify any and all parties

Obama's Policies Encouraging North Korea

TV studios are packed with folks eager to tell us what the bad guys are thinking in the Land of the Morning Calm. It’s as though they had a pipeline to Pyongyang. They don’t. All we know for sure is

National Security: The Morning After the Election

In the movie “The Candidate,” Robert Redford grabs his campaign manager on election night, pulls him into the closet and asks, “What now?” Whoever soon controls Congress will have to do better than that. On the national security front, there

Left is Smearing Opposition to START

They failed to ram the hopelessly flawed New START treaty through the Senate this summer. Now the anti-nuke crowd has adopted a new strategy: misrepresent AND smear the opposition. Michael Krepon (below), for example, recently “argued” that those who raise

The Left Still Doesn't Get the Tea Parties

Where will it end? At some point liberal pundits will have to stop blaming the Tea Party movement for everything. In a fit of “through the looking glass” reasoning, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank says we should blame the Tea

A Speech Only A Lawyer Could Love

The President has turned the art of presidential speech making into the art of giving a deposition. You have to look close to catch the nuance and the legal loopholes 1. The president said he is committed to Afghanistan. Except

Parsing the 'Partisan' Politics of New START

In recent weeks, WikiLeaks published tens of thousands of classified documents, giving Taliban fighters a virtual death list of Afghan “collaborators.” At the same time, critics of the New START pact with Russia argued that the Senate should give the

Scare Tactics on New START

If the Senate doesn’t ratify New START, proponents of the arms-control agreement fear, then … well, the world will come to end. The latest warning came from Joseph Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund, a foundation that advocates a nuclear

Avoiding Friendly Fire: Disarming New START

Conservatives too often form “circular firing squads,” going after each other instead of standing together against the bad ideas of the Left. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that with the latest issue sparking internal debate among the Right: the

Gates' Support for New START Worrisome, Not Reassuring

When Republican presidential aspirant Mitt Romney went off on the White House, the White House noticed. In a withering column in the Washington Post, Romney labeled the New START arms control agreement “Obama’s Worst Foreign Policy Mistake.” That did not

Romney: New Treaty is a Non-STARTer

Mitt Romney, the once and future presidential candidate, is the biggest gun so far to come out against the New START arms control agreement. In a no-so-subtlety titled opinion piece “Obama’s worst foreign-policy mistake” in The Washington Post, he flatly