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Republican Wake-Up Call: Univision Tops All Networks in July

Republican Wake-Up Call: Univision Tops All Networks in July

For the first time in history, Spanish language powerhouse Univision topped all four English language networks in ratings among the coveted 18-49 Prime Time demographic.  And while some characterize it as anomaly, Horizon Media analyst Brad Adgate predicts, “It wouldn’t

Opponents of the National Popular Vote Have It Wrong

As a movement conservative, constitutionalist, and believer in the First Amendment, I do believe that Tara Ross and others are entitled to opinions related to the current effort surrounding the National Popular Vote, a state-based plan to reform the Electoral

The Difference Between Lott and Reid

Liberals are good at closing ranks behind their wounded and ignoring any character flaw as long as you are a believer in the cause. So it should be no surprise that they are quickly and aggressively closing ranks behind Harry

My Congressman Is Nuts: Alan Grayson Edition

Alan Grayson. How did this clown get elected? Even Democrats are asking themselves that. The man who delighted in claiming Republicans want the sick to die to save the taxpayers money, was so proud of his obnoxiousness that he started