Jason Mattera

Calling all Radicals: The Center for American Progress is Hiring

In this ObamaEconomy, you, like most Americans, may be struggling to find work. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve created a convenient checklist so that you can see if you quality to work at John Podesta’s left-wing “think” tank, the Center

Franken Unhinged: Shutting Up Staffers and Journalist

Al Franken became famous as a comedian. A long-time writer for Saturday Night Live, he developed routines and characters that made us laugh. But, as my latest video reminds us, even funny people can be humorless. Not only is Franken

Forget All That 'Hope' and 'Change' Talk, Okay?

Let’s play a quick word game, folks. Who said this? I recognize there is a certain presumptuousness – a certain audacity – to this announcement. I know I haven’t spent a lot of time learning the ways of Washington. But

Native American Child Molesters Are People Too!

If only we had a real press corps in this country, then Alan Grayson (D-FL) and the other 219 Democrats in the House of Representatives who voted for HR 3952 would’ve been asked this question: Please explain to me why

The New York Times Should Terminate Character Assassin Zernike

As Big Journalism readers know, a New York Times reporter accused a speaker at CPAC of using “racial tones” and “racial stereotypes.” I was that speaker. Last week, I was invited to participate on a panel to discuss my forthcoming