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Russian ‘Satellite Catcher’ Test a Step Toward Advanced Cyber Attacks?

America’s near-total dependence on satellites for the most important elements of national security – secure communications, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering and navigation – has naturally attracted our adversaries’ efforts to counter our space-based advantages.  Those advantages – in intelligence gathering especially

Russian ‘Satellite Catcher’ Test a Step Toward Advanced Cyber Attacks?

Save the Warthog

Since the dawn of air warfare, every pilot has imagined himself tearing across the Wild Blue Yonder in pursuit of enemy aircraft to shoot down. Many have done just that and have swept the skies so clear of the enemy

Save the Warthog

Sweden, Russia, and the New Cold War: Stockholm Syndrome

On Thursday, Swedish intelligence reportedly picked up a distress call from an unknown vessel in its waters off Stockholm. The call, in Russian, may have been from a Russian submarine.  The Russians have denied having any naval assets in the area.

Sweden, Russia, and the New Cold War: Stockholm Syndrome

National Security Questions Democrats Must Answer This Midterm Season

When President Obama said that all of his policies were on the ballot this year, every Democratic candidate – except, perhaps, Nancy Pelosi – must have cringed.  But the President was right: every Democratic candidate should be held accountable for

National Security Questions Democrats Must Answer This Midterm Season

Obama Should Apologize to Hoekstra

At Thursday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony on the side of a new battery manufacturing plant being built in Holland, Michigan President Obama proved yet again that his smashmouth politics knows no limits. Using $150 million of Obama’s “stimulus” bill money, Compact Power

Noc, Noc, Who's There? KGB's Moscow Center

I’ve never before been encouraged by a threat to our national security. But last week’s news that the FBI arrested ten Russian spies is reassuring – even rejuvenating – in a very odd way. (That an eleventh, apprehended in Cyprus

Obama Can't Fire McCrystal

Barack Obama’s problem with top Afghanistan commander Gen. Stanley McCrystal is one of his own making. McCrystal and his staff – in a much-ballyhooed article in Rolling Stone set to be published on Friday – are reportedly disdainful and disrespectful

Omar Captured? Game Changer or Just Another Perp.

The reported Pakistani capture of Taliban founder and overall leader Mullah Omar is potentially a game changing event in the Afghanistan war, with profound implications for the stabilization of Pakistan. If the report is correct, and if Omar is persuaded

Can Townsend Beat Cheerleader Chuck?

Remember Joe and Eileen Bailey? They are the imaginary friends of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who accompany him wherever he goes. He talks about them often. This year, New Yorkers may finally realize that it’s only Schumer’s imaginary friends who

WSJ Picks Wrong Issue in Air Force Tanker Debate

It’s highly unusual for The Wall Street Journal to be gulled into ignoring the most important part of an issue in favor of chasing a rabbit down a random trail. But it has apparently fallen prey to what is at

What's the Meaning of Gates's Iran Memo?

Saturday’s New York Times reported the leak of a secret January memo from Defense Secretary Gates to “top White House officials” warning that “the United States does not have an effective long-range policy for dealing with Iran’s steady progress toward

Waxman Cancels Healthcare Show Trial

Health insurance company CEOs will apparently be spared the public thrashing planned for April 21 by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Hollywood). Waxman notified committee members of the cancellation in a memo released Wednesday. The memo implies

Little Punk Congressmen

The kerfuffule over the “little punk staffers” who populate congress in the thousands focuses on the wrong people. Yes, there are too many of them and many are paid much more than they are worth. Yes, they wield too much

Waxman Plans Industry Show Trials

Democrats understand that passage of Obama’s healthcare “reforms” will probably hurt them in November, so they’re doing everything they can to dampen the anger directed at them and turn it against someone – anyone – else. Anger-dampening was built into

End ObamaCare, Don't Mend It: 100% Repeal Is Only Option

Winston Churchill – the statesman who defined champagne as “bottled sunshine” – often suffered bouts of deep depression. He called that frequent companion his “black dog.” After their drubbing in 2008 and Obama’s legislative tsunami – pausing, not ending in