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Thanksgiving Reminds Us What Is Great About America

I love Thanksgiving. It is uniquely American and uniquely right. We celebrate God and Country and enjoy family time absent the stress and distraction of the more commercialized holidays. There is no need to deconstruct “Jesus Clause” or explain to

Immigration Reform Yielding Results in Alabama

There are some very interesting numbers coming out of Alabama since their passing landmark immigration reform in June. How about decreasing unemployment and increasing passport applications? Yes, Mexican nationals are overwhelming passport offices to secure passage for themselves and their

Mr. Wiener, Did You Know It Is Internet Safety Month?

Congressman Wiener is in a tough spot. It is a spot of his own making, but it is tough. He now has some serious thinking to do, beyond his Congressional seat. He certainly should resign, and not just because Republicans

The Hidden Tax of Corporate Environmentalism

The unsightly film on our “clean” dishes had become a source of great frustration in our household. Dish washing was the job of my daughter and she was evidently was really slacking off. We worked with her on critical strategies

On CPAC: Let's Lose the Hyphens Already

Conservatives, as all political factions do from time to time, are having a family squabble involving the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). It appears to be especially cantankerous this year. The rub pertains to the increasing presence of gay-Republicans

GOP Wasn't Elected to Give Us ObamaCare-lite

So the latest disappointing news from the Republican leadership in Congress comes from Majority Whip in waiting, Eric Cantor. As Whip, Congressman Cantor carries the message of the caucus. So what does he think about healthcare? Does he support full

Tea Party President in 2012

Chilling thought for the day. Recall the election of 1948, when the Republican Party’s heavily-favored, moderate and uninspiring nominee lost to Truman in a race in which he was heavily favored to win. The tragedy is not that the Chicago

Prediction: GOP Takes House AND Senate

Earlier today, I urged people to vote for the GOP, even people they see as RINOs who show strong qualities as LiGIEs (Limited Government Intervention in the Economy). I urged them to drag their friends too, as a victory in

Another Reason For Tea Party November Enthusiasm – Liggies

No matter what happens on November 2nd, 2010 will be the year that conservatives won. Patriotic conservatives of all flavors, have risen up in extraordinary ways, in every corner of the country. It appears all but certain that Speaker Nancy

Indentured Servitude in the USA and the Biggest Ponzi Scheme Ever

“People everywhere enjoy believing things that they know are not true. It spares them the ordeal of thinking for themselves and taking responsibility for what they know.” Brooks Atkinson It is trite to say that things often are not what

A New Tea Party Resource – The Ensuring Liberty PAC

Nashville, TN: As Sarah Palin spoke to the standing room only, sell out crowd at Tea Party convention, activists from across the nation were putting together the finishing touches on a strategy to channel the activism in an entirely new

Obama to California 'Water, Its Not a Right its a Privilege'

On the list of insane public policy moves we have come to expect from the current administration, Cap and Tax, Obamacare and Union Card Check, a fourth has garnered relatively little attention, although the implications for all Americans may be

It's Your Principles, Stupid

The polls have closed, the votes are counted, and Massachusetts voters have sent the “Scott heard ’round the World”. All day long, pundits have been giving their assessment regarding why Scott Brown would win. All day long, too many of

Tea Party Leaders See Movement Becoming a Potent Force

As the Tea Party movement approaches its first “birthday”, the leadership is taking it to new levels. The metamorphosis, which has been deliciously organic, has seen it go from street protests, to active demonstrations to serious political action. All along

Happy Bill of Rights Day!

It is axiomatic that if you do not know your rights it is difficult to exercise them. Celebrating Bill of Rights Day is one way to create a broader understanding of this critical piece of the American fabric. So if

Congress, We Don't Trust You With Health Care At All

Just because you have a gun, you do not necessarily need to shoot it. Just because you have a vote in Congress does not mean you need to grab power. While both Parties have their internal battles, Republicans who are

To Our Friends in Europe, We Apologize for Our President

The America in which I was raised always stood for freedom, and not just freedom for Americans but freedom for suffering people around the World. When I was an exchange student in Germany in 1983, I found myself in endless

The Moral Hazard of Big Governments

If you tried to buy a homeowners’ insurance policy for much more than the actual value of your home, no one would sell it to you. The reason is that having such a policy would enable one to prosper financially

Greatest Threat to American Health Care: Beltway Fever

As Congressional leaders debate omnibus health insurance reform proposals, American consumers face the threat of dramatic changes to health care delivery that 100% misses the point. The entire debate is a quintessential study in “lipstick” on a pig. The “pig”