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The New Class Warfare

Wisconsin, like my home state of Illinois, is facing a serious budget crisis. Unlike Illinois, Wisconsin has a bold chief executive in Governor Scott Walker willing and able to confront a crisis with straight talk and serious solutions. Meanwhile, 14

Obama on the Daily Show: How the Political Class Thinks

In his Daily Show appearance last night, President Obama made a very revealing–and presumably inadvertent–statement about those in Congress who have supported his radical agenda. In the context of many congressional seats being up for grabs in what pundits and

The President Gets Dirty

Some call it a homophobic slur; others, an obscure sexual fetish. For the President of the United States, however, the term “tea bagger” is just another tool to marginalize opponents of his radical agenda. As John Kartch of Americans for

Throwing Stones: The Left's Hypocrisy Problem

Many a partisan and pundit-provocateur has spent the last year trying to convince us that the tea parties consist of violent extremists. The multi-front attack has come from the media, Hollywood, and the current White House. At the genesis of

Real Health Care Solutions – Letting O Know

In his State of the Union Address Wednesday night, President Obama called on folks to let him know if there are better health care solutions he and congress should be considering: As temperatures cool, I want everyone to take another

The Leftist Bullies

We live in seriously challenging times – times that warrant serious conversations on the state and direction of our nation. From the fiscal crash course our nation is on to the ever-present threat we face from Islamic terrorism, there’s plenty

Obamanomics: An Advanced Course in Big Government in the Age of Obama

Politicians, pundits, and citizens have long bemoaned the power that “special interests” wield in Washington, D.C. and state capitals across the nation. The pharmaceutical, energy, and defense industries and everyone in between employ armies of lobbyists to educate elected officials

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Terror Trials in the Big Apple

It is a Friday and President Obama is abroad. What better time for the President and the Department of Justice to announce that 9/11 coordinator Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and some of his fellow terrorists will be tried in a civilian

Ratner Family Ties: ACORN and Justice Department Plot Thickens

Following the courageous expose by two young investigative journalists released on the pages of this very blog, there were widespread calls for a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the criminal enterprise that is ACORN. One would think there would