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U2: An Exquisite Team

This past Saturday, my wife Karen, and I had the opportunity to once again take in a U2 show. This one was at Soldier Field in Chicago and kicked off the U.S. leg of the 360 Tour. The tour gets

Fleetwood Mac: A Huge Surprise

My friends know that I get juiced up to see a really good concert. Last night in Columbus, however, I walked into Nationwide Arena for the Fleetwood Mac show not really sure if I wanted to be there. I went

The Police Redeemed

Last year, I went to see The Police when they came to Columbus. I could not have been more disappointed with the show. They looked uninterested — like three solo acts who weren’t willing to play together. On top of

Music Television Makes a Comeback

When MTV first came out in the early ’80s, it was the greatest thing going. But over the years, they stopped showing videos and the music seemed to die. Until recently, it was difficult to find actual music on television.

The Return of "24" is Big News in my Household

Jack Bauer’s return for four action packed hours on Sunday and Monday cannot come soon enough. Even with the tease we had late last year of ’24: Redemption,’ it’s been far too long since we’ve seen our favorite terrorist buster