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Democrats Should Vote Against Elena Kagan

Thirty-seven current Democrat U.S. Senators, along with former Senators Barack Obama and Joseph Biden, believed that Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, or Samuel Alito were not sufficiently qualified to be on the Supreme Court. Using their own standards, Elena

Court-Packing, Chicago-Style

President Obama, Senator Reid, and Speaker Pelosi showed their ability to ruthlessly ram through their legislative agenda with a combination of procedural tricks, sleight-of-hand, and painful arm-twisting, all of which could happen again. They also hope to have a Supreme

The Truth About Judicial Stereotypes

Liberals love to perpetuate the stereotype that “liberal” judges rule in favor of minorities, the poor, and the little guy (Good Things), while “conservative” judges rule in favor of evil corporations, police departments, and white males (Bad Things). This parallels