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Limbaugh Needs to Keep Fighting

UPDATE: ESPN Reports Limbaugh To Be Dropped By Bidding Group to Buy Rams Even in these times when the once unthinkable is becoming increasingly unremarkable, the current controversy over whether Rush Limbaugh is potentially worthy to be an NFL owner

So, Now You Tell Us?!

I have always been fascinated and frustrated by the phenomenon in our public dialogue that when we get new information after a “debate” is deemed to be over, that the original dispute is never “reopened.” For instance, when Barack Obama

Why Were the Emmys Not 'Racist'?

I am no fan of awards shows. To me, it is one of the strongest proofs of the weakness of our society that the endeavor to which we give the most prominent and glamorous honors is that of movie and

Media Malpractice in the Extreme

As anyone familiar with my book or either of my two documentary films would already guess, it is really hard for me to be shocked by anything that happens today in the once noble profession of “journalism.” However, when I

Sarah Palin: One Year Later

On August 29th, 2008, I woke up and, like almost every other American, was stunned by the news that Sarah Palin had been chosen as John McCain’s running mate. It was not that I had never heard of her or

The Truth About Sarah Palin's Resignation

With all that’s been said about Governor Sarah Palin’s supposedly “shocking” announcement that she was resigning from office, you might think that everything that needs to be said about this has already been reported. However, as I proved in my

Troopathon 2009: Beyond My Comprehension

I lost the biggest job I ever had as talk show host on KFI in Los Angeles largely because I called out another host on the station for flip flopping on the Iraq war in a move that I was

Inside the Letterman/Palin Flap

The fact that I’ve needed to correct the record every time I’m involved in some sort of media firestorm (about once a month since the election, it seems), probably says at least as much about the pathetic nature of our

The Truth About My Arrest at USC

I have had a rather bizarre career in media, but what happened last week on the campus of USC here in Los Angeles may end up marking one of the strangest and most disturbing episodes yet. I went to USC

Cronkite Award for Couric Represents Journalism's Rotting Corpse

On April 15th, the “prestigious” (and apparently now openly liberal) USC Annenberg School for Communication will be presenting CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric with the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Journalism. Now, for there to even be

Sarah Palin Proves She's No George Bush

Back in January, when the media firestorm over my “Media Malpractice” interview with Governor Sarah Palin erupted, I wrote on this website that it was my belief that she was no George W. Bush. I can now say with even

Obama's Remarkable 9/11 Blindspot

As a guy who has just made a film about how the news media paved the way for President Obama’s election, it won’t surprise you to hear that I have some critical things to say about his most recent appearance

Inside the 'Media Malpractice' Promo Tour

I am sure that the media tour for any major film is always interesting. However, when that film skewers many of the very same outlets and people who are interviewing you, the possibility for the ride to get particularly odd

NBC Performs Media Malpractice On 'Media Malpractice'

Next week I plan to write more extensively on Big Hollywood about the many bizarre behind the scenes occurrences and things learned during the initial media promotion tour for my new film “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected and Palin

Reaction To My Palin Interview Proves The Point

Unless you were hanging out with Joe the Plumber in Gaza this past week, you probably heard that I did an exclusive interview with Governor Sarah Palin for my forthcoming documentary, “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was

Video Exclusive: A Revealing Morning With Sarah Palin

If someone told me five months ago that in early January I would pay over $1,400 for an incredibly inconvenient plane ticket and $120 for a 3 a.m. cab fare to get from sunny Los Angeles to Wasilla, Alaska, I

We Must Hang Together, Or We Will All Hang Separately

Big Hollywood will likely contain plenty of stories dealing with and (hopefully) overcoming the hardships associated with being a “conservative” in and around Hollywood. I want to commend those who have been able to hold on to their principles and