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Fisking: 'Why the Web Benefits Liberals More Than Conservatives'

Yesterday I had the displeasure of reading Gregory Ferenstein’s column, “Why the web benefits liberals more than conservatives.” Ferenstein’s thesis is that liberal ideological characteristics facilitate Internet success, while the opposite is true for conservatism. Frankly, his entire piece is

Classroom Propaganda: Debunking 'The Story of Stuff' — Part 1

Over the last few years, the Left has become increasingly bold with the type of teaching material it brings into classrooms. While biased information was once common. Now, blatantly false information cloaked with good intentions is the norm. [youtube c5uJgG05xUY

MSM Tea Party Reporting Breaks the Kristof Standard Of Journalism

I recently watched the HBO documentary Reporter, profiling the New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Nicholas Kristof, as he reported on the genocide taking place in the Congo. Notably, the documentary spent considerable time focusing on Kristof’s

Conservative Cannibalism: A Pattern of Unjustified Smears

By now many of you have heard that Debbie Schlussel unjustifiably smeared Sean Hannity. Sadly, without Tim Mak’s great work at Frum Forum, her act of character assassination would have spread much worse than it already has. Below is a

How the World Works: Max Blumenthal and His Vicious Alinsky Tactics

While some people debate the merits of the current healthcare legislation in Congress, or attempt to expose corruption in our government, Max Blumenthal instead engages in character assassination using the most questionable sources. Recently, as has been well-documented on BigJournalism,