Lori Drummer

Obama Now Legislating Without Congress on Education Issues

Remember when we used to have a legislative process? Lately, the Obama Administration has me wondering if Congress even has a job to do anymore. Between Obamacare, card check, cap and trade, net neutrality, and massive financial regulations, among many

Mainstream Media: Seldom Right, Dependably Left

How has the increasingly marginalized demand for Internet regulations been dramatically amplified, despite the American people’s clear disapproval of just this kind of federal government overreach? You guessed it, the liberal media, who can always be depended upon to do

FCC Takes Another Step Towards Regulating the Internet

In step with federal government intrusion into the health care system, the auto industry, and the financial industry, the FCC and the Obama Administration has had its eye on asserting control over the Internet. On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission

New Jersey Teachers Union Forced to Take Back Seat to Kids

When New Jersey teachers union members refused to make room for students in a legislative committee hearing, the chairman took the meeting to the students. Approximately 1,500 New Jersey schoolchildren and school choice supporters witnessed democracy in action on Thursday,

Citizen Uprising Over Internet Regulation

The growing American protest movement has met the Obama Administration’s effort to regulate the Internet, as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been flooded with almost 50,000 individual demands to stay away from their broadband. Just as a majority of

Regulating the Internet, One Way or the Other

According to Tuesday’s unanimous court ruling, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is not above the law – no matter what Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski or his Leftist friends at Free Press might wish. For the past several years, the Left