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Finale of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Leaves You Wanting More

The finale of Sarah Palin’s Alaska aired Sunday night on The Learning Channel. The series garnered great ratings and stirred up plenty of discussion. I am willing to bet it surprised a lot of people as well. When Sarah Palin

Sneak Peek at 'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Meet Mudflap and Bones

In tonight’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the family goes whitewater rafting, four-wheeling, panning for gold, searching for fossils, and dog mushing. We also see Sarah spending some mom time with Trig and Piper. And we meet more great Alaskan

Sneak Peek at 'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Definitely Not PETA Approved

On Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the state nickname “America’s last frontier,” is used frequently. Tomorrow night’s episode of the show is the best example so far of just how much of the state is still remote and untamed. In this episode,

Sneak Peek at 'Sarah Palin's Alaska': 'Just for the Halibut'

With the faux controversy (and real television shooting) surrounding Bristol Palin living to dance another day on Dancing With The Stars this week, it is fitting that Bristol the Pistol is featured in this episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The

'Dexter' Review: You Will Love This Serial Killer

It is not often that a promo for a television show causes spine-tingling chills. In fact, I don’t think one has ever affected me that way – until this summer, that is. The show is Dexter and it has had

Ode to 'Chuck'…And to John Casey!

It might not be my place to do the first “Chuck” post at Big Hollywood, what with Adam Baldwin being a contributor here and all, but one needed to be done (especially since the season finale airs tonight) and I

I Will Miss Jack Bauer

This week’s two hour episode of 24 was emotionally exhausting. Viewers spent two hours watching Jack Bauer race to save the Middle Eastern President of Kamistan, Omar Hassan, upon whose life peace in the region rested. In spite of Jack’s