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Matt Damon, State Dept. Create Global Warming Propaganda PSA

Recently, actor Matt Damon narrated a video for the State Department, addressing the problem of chronic worldwide hunger. The video is extremely well made; those who watch it can’t help but be touched by it. This first minute of the

Sean Penn Off To Interview Uncle Fidel

If you didn’t know any better, you would almost think that Sean Penn wants to make it extremely easy for conservatives to criticize Hollywood for being overly liberal. He’s flown to Cuba to interview his hero Fidel Castro: Oscar-winning actor

ObamaVision: Europe Doesn't Mind Leftist American Cultural Imperialism

Last week, Big Hollywood broke the news that the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) has proved eager to obey the orders of President Obama. Instead of following the American president’s Serve.gov initiative critically, 60 network television programs (including news programs) have

Using Arts for Conservative Purposes

Big Hollywood and Big Government have done tremendous work in recent weeks. They have proved without a doubt that the Obama administration and its allies have gone too far. They’ve crossed the line. Federal agencies are turned into propaganda tools.

Breitbart on the Importance of Media & Culture

It may strike some readers as rather odd, but it seems that Big Hollywood didn’t spend any time or attention on the speech the founder of this blog, Andrew Breitbart, recently gave at the first ever New Media event at

Hip-Hop: Keepin' It Too Real

If this photo is authentic, it serves as a perfect example of what the hip-hop mentality can do to women. Chris Brown may not be a hip-hop artist, but he’s certainly part of its culture and attitude. This culture is

When Rap Lyrics Become Reality

Not only do hip-hop artists promote sexually perverse behavior, disrespect towards women and violence, they seem to believe that living in accordance to these ‘values’ is quite all right: Just a day after an interview with Chris Brown’s father appeared

A Muslim's Take on 'Traitor'

As a devout and convinced Muslim, who hates Islamic extremism for the twisted and sick ideology it is, I thought “Traitor” would be one movie I’d enjoy watching. Let me explain why. Firstly, real people act in it, which is,

Kung Fu Panda: An American Story

Despite my natural dislike for animation movies – I like to see real people acting – I decided to give “Kung Fu Panda” a chance after a friend strongly recommended it to me. So I got myself a “Kung Fu

Why Does Tom Hanks Single Out Mormons?

Tom Hanks may be one of the best actors in history, but the real Tom Hanks is an entirely different man altogether. He made headlines today calling Mormons “un-American” because they actively supported Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment banning gay

Hollywood: Pushing Global Warming Down Your Throat

One of Hollywood’s main heroes today is former Vice President Al Gore due to the success of his film “An Inconvenient Truth.” In this documentary, Gore tries to explain to the public that man-made global warming is real and that