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Campaign Tactic: Tax the Rich

Campaign Tactic: Tax the Rich

The Obama tax-the-rich campaign strategy is simply a grand diversion from the nation’s badly sputtering economy and from Obama’s failure to effectively do much about it. It is also an exercise in sophism designed to draw attention away from his

Missing in the Syrian Slaughter:  U.S. Leadership

Missing in the Syrian Slaughter: U.S. Leadership

The question about giving armed support to the Syrian people has now come front and center.  As is usually the case, if America doesn’t lead, nobody will.  It has become clear that the Obama Administration, has no stomach to do

The Reset of Russia Relations: Only Russia Benefits

The Reset of Russia Relations: Only Russia Benefits

Once again we are playing cold war politics with the Russians.  Nothing seems to change when it comes to Russia and missiles.  President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s pushing the reset button hasn’t worked, and in fact, it was the wrong

Greece and the Future of the Euro: Humpty Dumpty Sat on a…

Greece and the Future of the Euro: Humpty Dumpty Sat on a…

The Euro Humpty Dumpty (17 of 27 EU countries tied to the Euro) is not comfortably perched on, shall we say, the EuroWall.  Euro Humpty Dumpty is falling, and the only question is whether it can be gently caught before

Limited Government Is Essential to Economic Growth

Limited Government Is Essential to Economic Growth

We do not know who will be the next President of the United States.  As we opined last week, Republican nominee-apparent Mitt Romney is not likely to win if he doesn’t soon articulate an inspiring message or vision.  President Obama,

The Economy: The Bright and the Blight

The Economy: The Bright and the Blight

We Americans like to think of the economy as a single organic reality: as a big picture that is immediately discernible on its surface, something that is simply good, or not so good, something that produces a sense of well-being, or something

For Economy to Grow, Washington Must Get Out of the Way

All things good and bad come to an end, and that is true of the long recession, which, according to the economic statisticians, we are in no longer.  When the jobs numbers for last month came in President Obama was

Economic Danger Signs: The Seven Warning Signs of Econoblastoma

Okay, we made up the word. But in medicine, as any physician knows, a blastoma is a malignancy of so-called precursor cells called blasts. Should such an anomaly go untreated…well, let’s not go there. Anyway, we decided to refer to

The Taxes Candidates Pay: Should That Be A Factor?

It seems as though the politics of envy as skillfully practiced by the left has metastasized to the right. Mr. Gingrich demanded that Gov. Romney release his tax returns as if something illegal or dirty would come to light, but

Is This Any Way To Pick A President? Better Than Any Other!

As the Republican presidential hopefuls slug it out debate after debate, and sound bite after sound bite, and President Obama endlessly drones on from the sidelines with his mantra that the wealthy must pay their fair share (according to CBO

Obama Really Is Just Another Politician

With the GOP debates mercifully coming to an end, the nation is getting ready for the 2012 elections starting with the Iowa caucuses in January. At this point, President Obama appears likely to face Mitt Romney (seemingly no one’s first

Occupy Wall Street: The Implications on the Bill of Rights

For very good and valid reasons, Americans understand the extraordinary importance of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the right peacefully to assemble for redress of grievances. That, of course, is the rationale for the Occupy Wall Street (“OWS”)

Reducing the Deficits: Let's Get Serious About Business Entitlements

As lawyers say, lets stipulate that the political system is broken. We have, in the past, railed against special tax incentives for business that are often outmoded, ill conceived, and are generally ineffective. These, more often than not, merely distort

When Zombies Attack: Protest in Lafayette Park!

There is a long 20th century history of Wall Street protests in America. After all, Wall Street is the financial center of the country. Today, we’re in a financial crisis so Wall Street (or its financial center equivalent in other

European Model Imploding?-Hold On To Your Hats

There are two things we know for sure about the European financial meltdown: Its cause and its potential ramifications for America. No one should lull themselves into thinking we are mere spectators to those European economies that are collapsing of

The Left's 'Terrorism' Tantrum

Yes, we understand that politics is a blood sport and that name-calling has become the common coin of the political realm. But this past week, following the passage of the bill to raise the debt ceiling, and before the nation’s

Our Elected Officials on the Debt Ceiling: They're All Losers

As we issue this week’s essay, the leadership of both parties and the White House have announced agreement to end the debt ceiling crisis. The deal, which still requires congressional approval, will increase the nation’s debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion

Beltwayspeak: A Larceny Of Language

We don’t recall when wordsmithing was used so liberally (by both parties) to confuse or mislead the public. George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” pales next to the complete abandon with which President Obama eloquently manipulates language and information to influence public

Rope-A-Dope Debt-Ceiling Strategy Fails

The President’s Rope-A-Dope strategy has failed. President Obama tried to convince the Republican House Leadership that a fair deal would be to trade a reduction in spending, which given the nation’s burgeoning debt and deficit, should be the country’s first

Are the Feds (or the Fed) Really That Clueless?

Sometimes we wonder if what has become obvious to a majority of Americans really has eluded our ruling class in Washington. “We don’t have a precise read on why this slower pace of growth is persisting,” said Federal Reserve Chief

Greece: Closer Than You Think

It all seems so remote, not just in geography, but as a unique economic issue affecting only Greece and, perhaps, the rest of the EU. But it isn’t. The world is very interconnected. Many Americans directly or indirectly (through their

The American Dream: Is It Dying the Death of a Thousand Cuts?

No, we’re not talking about cuts in the gargantuan federal budget. We’re talking about the endless array of smothering regulations, budget-busting entitlements, special interest ear-marks, economically regressive taxes and bureaucratic agencies that have been steadily extinguishing the dream, the American

Medicare: Reform It or Lose It

The Democrats in Congress are crowing about the upset victory by Kathy Hochul in the special election to fill a Congressional seat in upstate New York, which has been consistently held by Republicans. Ms. Hochul based almost her entire campaign

Ignore the Spin: No Redeeming Value in Obama's Mid-East Slap

The spin-doctors at the White House are, no doubt, busily patting themselves on the back about how well the President has finessed his “67 border precondition” (yes, he has made it a defacto pre-condition) which he recklessly inserted into the

Obama's Road Map to Peace: You Can't Get There From Here

We’re defining “here” in the headline above as the hard realities that exist on the ground, as well as some of the apparent conditions laid down by President Obama last Thursday during his speech on the Middle East. We hasten