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Canadian Politics Bound To Repeat

Canadian federal elections typically have the half-life of a Vegas wedding. At a minimum of 36 days and rarely more than 47, the journeys to electing a Prime Minister have little time for the superfluous, but at the same time are too

Canada elections

Canada PM Harper’s Secret Weapon: Tom Mulcair

Canada likes to position itself as the social conscience of the north. Canadians enjoy telling themselves that though they are America’s neighbours (with a ‘u’), they are the good the neighbour, the compassionate, the better neighbour. Young Canucks like to sew a maple


Election Issues In Canada Need a New High

As the 2015 federal election enters its third year second week, a variety of issues that are rarely at the forefront of Canadian political discourse have found their way into the campaign sphere. Elections in Canada tend to be defined


Canada’s Longest General Election Campaign in Modern History

On Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the country would be returning to the polls, asking Governor General David Johnston to dissolve Parliament for a general election to be held Monday, October 19th. With busses running in their driveways,