Ricochet Podcast #45: Cruise Missiles

Click to Play This week we cram muscle shirts, pat downs, Thanksgiving, and North Korean aggression into one audio file. Peter gets the inside scoop on the National Review cruise from Rob (live from the Miami airport) and James. Then

Ricochet Podcast #44: Don't Touch My Junk

With Rob and James cruising the Bahamas this week, we draft Pat Sajak to guest host with Peter. He reminisces about Bill Buckley and Merv Griffin, and let’s us in on what’s it’s like to be a celebrity conservative. Then,

Ricochet Podcast #42: One Shibboleth Down

It’s the morning after and along with guests Jonah Goldberg and the WSJ’s Bill McGurn, we tackle what it all means, what the future may hold, Paul Ryan’s plan, Barney Frank’s victory speech, the repudiation of Time Magazine, and of

Ricochet Podcast #40: The Wake Up Call

It’s a feisty edition of the podcast this week as we’re joined by Red Eye’s Greg Gutfeld and author/columnist David Limbaugh. We cover what the winners will do after election day, a great discussion about the Tea Party and why

Ricochet Podcast #39: The Shrinking Violets

The title is truly a misnomer, because as you’ll hear, this group is anything but. Pat Caddell, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, and National Review’s Jim Geraghty take no prisoners in a very spirited discussion about many of the important races

Ricochet Podcast #38: The Heavy Hitters

By popular demand, it’s our heavy hitter edition of the podcast with guests Mark Steyn and Jonah Goldberg. We cover the surprising Noble Prize selection, one last look at the view from France, the sorry states of New York and

Ricochet Podcast #37: The Brain Sandwich

Big brains on the big show this week as Rob Long and Peter Robinson are joined by New York Times columnist David Brooks and National Review Editor-In-Chief Rich Lowry. They think big thoughts about entitlements, the Bush tax cuts, Chris

Ricochet Podcast #36: Wheels and Wheat Shandy

A game show host, a truck driver and a governor walk into a bar. No they don’t, they join us on the podcast this week: Pat Sajak, Dave Carter, and Governor Pete Wilson. It’s a wide ranging discussion from trucking

Ricochet Podcast #35: The Enthusiastic Warrior

Let’s just cut to the chase: your fearless leader Andrew Bretibart is our guest today and we cover the panoply of conflicts that seem to follow Andrew where ever he goes. A brief list: Most of Twitter, the folks in

Ricochet Podcast #34: The Squishy RINO

We’re all about the mid-terms this week and we’re joined by one of the country’s foremost campaign experts to help us sort through them: National Review’s Jim Gergaghty. We cover Delaware, the infamous Murphy post, and a host of other

Ricochet Podcast #33

We’ve got a star driven panel this week as Pat Sajak, and Jonah Goldberg join the show. It’s a fascinating conversation as they talk polling and how they ask the delicate questions, movie marketing, why Obama’s agenda polls terribly, but

Ricochet Podcast #32: Mark Steyn Returns

Mark Steyn returns. Need we say more? Ok, we will: we cover GZM, Bridget Bardot, Obama’s speech, expectations for this fall, The Dambusters, Michele Rhee, the Beck rally, and we try to get to the bottom of where Mark’s been

Ricochet Podcast #31: Question Time

The British Parliament does it, why can’t we? Rob and Peter (Lileks is at the Minnesota State Fair this week) answer your questions — when Peter is not answering his wife’s phone — and later, talk to author, columnist, and

Ricochet Podcast #30: A Soap Opera With Hats

It’s late August, so it’s more pop culture than politics on the podcast this week as we tackle Mad Men, vampires, South Pacific, the Drambuie mistake, and the definition of a bunco party. Then, columnist Virginia Postrel joins us for

Ricochet Podcast #29: The Ferengi Conspiracy

With Peter Robinson hiking in the Sierras (that’s not a euphemism, he actually is hiking in the Sierras), Jonah Goldberg sits in and perhaps needless to say, adult supervision is in short supply. Hence, we cover Star Trek (of course),

Ricochet Podcast #27: A Man of Letters

Robinson, Long, and Lileks are joined by conservative thinker, writer, climatologist, Obama Administration Czar, and some TV game show thing he does on the side, Mr. Pat Sajak. In fact, we’ll skip the traditional summary and rundown this week and

Ricochet Podcast #26: The List and Mitt

Rob Long, Peter Robinson, and James Lileks are joined this week by Istanbul based contributor Claire Berlinski (AKA, Queen of Comments) and WSJ editorial writer Joe Rago. We cover pesky software updates, The List, Mitt, Breitbart, Mac v. PC, and

Ricochet Podcast #25: Miramanee!

The band is back together this week as James Lileks, Jonah Goldberg, Mickey Kaus, and John Hinderaker discuss everything from how to handle rude emailers, using obscure Star Trek references to describe the President, ponder whether Mickey Kaus is a

Ricochet Podcast #24: Jabba The Fed

This week we are joined by Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty and Ricochet legal gurus John Yoo and Richard Epstein on Kagan. We also discuss the large, ever growing, Fed (hence the title), and what we must do to stop it.

Ricochet Podcast #22: McChrystal Clear

Afghanistan and McChrystal top the conversation this week as Rob Long and Peter Robinson are joined this week by columnist James Lileks, John Yoo, and Victor Davis Hanson. Well, not all the time. Peter does manange to wedge in some

Ricochet Podcast #21: Soccer Is a Mac

Andrew Klavan sits in the Steyn chair and hosts Tucker Carlson and Jonah Goldberg. We cover why soccer is a Mac, the future of conservative media, talk about Sarah, the spill, Rob’s Hillary theory, and why it’s just like a

Ricochet Podcast #20: The Year of The Spanking

We talk Turkey with Claire Berlinski, baseball with Ursula Hennessey, and California and national politics with Mike Murphy. Plus we answer member questions and ponder a certain candidate’s future. All this and more on this week’s Ricochet Podcast. Join the

Ricochet Podcast #19: Around The World

From Palo Alto, Oaklahoma City, Washington DC, the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Instanbul Turkey, to The Republic of Georgia, we go totally global this week. But enough about us, here’s our new and improved and by popular request Ricochet podcast

Ricochet Podcast #18: Coast to Coast

From Hawaii to New York State, the Ricochet Podcast goes coast to coast this week as we talk to Ricochet contributor Heather Higgins about her role in helping to elect Republican Charles Djou in Hawaii. That’s right, Hawaii. Then Col.

Ricochet Podcast #17: Supreme Law & Order

Rob and Peter fly Steyn-less this week. Nonetheless, sharp analysis of the Kagan nomination from Richard Epstein and John Yoo and a wide ranging conversation with Fred Thompson who discusses his new book, the state of the nation and the

Ricochet Podcast #16: The Soft Launch

UPDATE: “PLAY” BUTTON FIXED We open up this week as Rob, Peter, and Mark discuss our upcoming launch, Peter reveals a personal connection to “The Sound of Music,” Rob reveals a man crush on a dead president, and Mark reveals

Ricochet Podcast #15: A White Coat Hypertension

Mark Steyn joins us late and Peter Robinson leaves early in this guest packed episode. Author Drew Klavan joins us for a fascinating discussion of being a conservative and working Hollywood and pop culture in general. Then John Dennis the

Ricochet Podcast #14: Raising Arizona

We’re all about the headlines this week as we’ve got Mark Steyn calling in from Arizona at the white hot center of the immigration debate, author John O’Hara discusses his new book “A New American Tea Party” and his recent

Ricochet Podcast #11: Profile In Courage?

An eclectic show this week as Rob, Peter and Mark are joined by columnist and author Shelby Steele who discusses Obama and how race and gender are defining his presidency and his quest to redefine America and the world. At

Ricochet Podcast #10: Vote Kaus!

Press play button to listen to the podcast. This week, we’re joined by NY Post sports writer Ursula Hennessy who discusses The Final Four and The Masters, Mike Murphy on politics and being the odd man out on “Meet The