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2010 Census Scandals Rock Detroit Regional Census Center

As 2010 Census operations wind down, the Census Bureau has been forced to get rid of many of its temporary employees. However, the few employees who are still employed at the Detroit Regional Census Center’s “partnership” office have one thing

The $23,000 Totem Pole (on Your Dime)

Earlier today, I wrote that the Census Bureau commissioned a totem pole to be constructed in Alaska and then hauled to DC. Steve Jost of the Census Bureau responded to my claims as follows: The image you posted is not

2010 Census Is Built on Incomplete and Inaccurate Information

Last week, Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves said to Fox News that you can “trust 2010 Census data.” What our director fails to tell us is that the two software applications have operational problems that will ultimately lead to

Brookyln Census Scandal Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

What happened last month at the Brooklyn census office was indeed unfortunate. But let us not be naive: Data collection inaccuracies and falsifications are happening throughout the entire New York Regional Area and possibly the entire nation, though perhaps on

Blago Accomplice Running Chicago Census Bureau Office

As a 2010 Census watchdog, I am extremely disturbed to learn that a man so deeply involved in the Blagojevich/Obama-Senate-seat-for-sale scandal is now employed in an upper level management position by the Census Bureau in Chicago. Even if the man,