Stephen Schochet

Hollywood's Reaction to 9/11 Lacked Unity of World War II-era Films

Unlike their post 9-11 successors, Hollywood generally dealt with the aftermath of World War II with a more united front, more humor and less political correctness. Since 9-11, Hollywood filmmakers have had, within free-market parameters, the choice to make any

Remembering 'Planet of the Apes' (1968)

“It is a story, and science fiction is only the pretext. I wouldn’t even know how to define SF…I think it’s the genre where you can deal with and imagine unhuman characters, but in my book my apes are men,

40 Years: Remembering 'All In the Family'

Mike Stivik: You know, you are totally incomprehensible. Archie Bunker: Maybe so, but I make a lot of sense. In 1972, one year after the premiere of the TV comedy All in the Family (1971-1979) there was a national campaign

A Brief History of Disneyland, An American Classic

“The thing will get more beautiful year after year. And it will get better as I find out what the public likes; I can’t do that with a picture it’s finished and unchangeable before I find out whether the public

Elizabeth Taylor: The World's Most Beautiful Fighter

“I’m a lady who likes to fight, and I think women would go into the trenches tomorrow if they could.” –Elizabeth Taylor In 1947, 15-year-old Elizabeth Taylor told off her boss, MGM head honcho Louis B. Mayer, arguably the most

Exclusive Excerpt: 'Hollywood Short Stories' — Part 2

Vignettes from my new book Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies! Don’t Practice What You Preach Warren Beatty was fired up to direct and star in the 1981 drama Reds, which told the

Exclusive Excerpt: 'Hollywood Short Stories' — Part 1

Some light-hearted vignettes from my new book: Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies! Hope and Roosevelt Democrat Franklin Roosevelt was the first of eleven presidents Republican Bob Hope entertained. The commander-in-chief loved the