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'Terminator Salvation' Revelations

The final trailer for “Terminator Salvation” has hit the blogosphere. It’s four minutes long and some are saying it reveals too much. Peter Sciretta of complains it “basically squeezes the entire film into 4 minutes.” I’ve embedded the trailer

JJ Abrams' 'Star Trek' Victory Lap

Even before “Star Trek” launches into the stratosphere this weekend, director JJ Abrams is taking a victory lap. With the film hogging 81% of all ticket sales at as well as the covers of Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly and Wired

'Angels' Not So Demonic?

The first review of “Angels & Demons” hit the streets today and apparently director Ron Howard took a different tack with his second adaptation of Dan Brown novel. The Hollywood Reporter says the “Da Vinci Code” prequel treats The Vatican

On Set With Stallone and 'The Expendables'

New behind the scenes footage from Sylvester Stallone’s star-studded “The Expendables” has been posted on the film’s official blog. Pretty cool stuff. It contains some action sequences, including one where Steve Austin and Eric Roberts outrace an explosion, shots of

Bruce Willis: Our Die Hard Action Hero Returns

After flirting with smaller, more squishy roles in recent pictures like “The Assassination of a High School President” and “What Just Happened,” Bruce Willis is returning to action. The 54-year-old actor is interested in a slew of projects that will

Cameron Soon to Be King of Universe

James Cameron, Oscar-winning director of “Titanic” and self-proclaimed “King of the World” has found a new planet to conquer. His next picture is “Avatar,” due in December. It’s the story of an ex-marine who is sent to settle and exploit

'Wolverine' vs. 'Star Trek'

The summer kicks off in earnest on Friday with “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” It’s followed quickly by “Star Trek” the next week. Both franchises are beloved totems of my youth. I remember biking down to the 7-11 to get the latest

'Straw Dogs' Remake: Fight or Flight?

James Marsden Here’s one that could go really right, or really wrong. James Marsden (“X-Men’s” Cyclops) has been cast in a remake of “Straw Dogs,” Sam Peckinpah’s 1971 classic about a mathematician who moves to his wife’s hometown for some

First 'Star Trek' Reviews Roll In

The first reviews of JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” hit the web today and they should please fans of the series, if not fans of Matt Damon. How did Damon weasel his way into this? After denying it for months, Abrams

Patriot Sweepstakes: Stallone or Tarantino?

Who will wreak greater havok on the enemies of America, Sylvester Stallone or Quentin Tarantino? Each has written and is directing an action-laden ensemble piece about a group of misfits battling a foreign dictator. In Stallone’s case, he has an

'Hurt Locker' May Do Iraq Right

For those who’ve agonized over Hollywood’s portrayals of the Iraq War, I give you “The Hurt Locker.” The film’s second trailer hit the Internet today and, as I sit here wearing my (apparently passe) Camp Liberty t-shirt, I must say

Jessica Biel: Respect or Bust

Jessica Biel plays a hard-luck stripper in “Powder Blue” It ain’t easy being pretty in Hollywood. New clips went up this weekend from “Powder Blue,” Jessica Biel’s latest film, which premieres May 8. It’s a “Crash”-type ensemble piece about the

New 'Star Trek' Footage: Thoughts?

Is Kirk a jerk? Two new “Star Trek” clips have hit the web and I like one, but not the other. The first is called “A Shot of Love,” and it debuted over at MTV. It has Kirk (Chris Pine)