Chicago Machine Is Afraid of a… Mom!

In October, 2009, at an Illinois GOP Governor Candidate Debate, moderator Chris Robling opened the debate with the line, “The on-going concern of the State of Illinois is in question!” He was right, and the primary reasons Illinois is such a mess is the Chicago Democratic Machine. This engine of self-dealing, corruption, and greed was powerful enough to put forth one of its own get him elected president.


It’s ironic then, that this powerful machine is trembling in fear of Cedra Crenshaw, a conservative, middle class, African-American mother in Will County, Illinois!

Why is the machine afraid? Because a new class of leadership is starting to develop. These new leaders threaten to end the shell game of taxes, politics, and patronage. Cedra Crenshaw is one of those new leaders, and she’s is running for state senate against one of the Chicago Machine’s rubber-stamp apparatchiks.

She’s an accountant who wants to spearhead a forensic audit of Illinois state government. A former auditor at Deloitte and Touche, Cedra supports an audit of the half a trillion dollars of Democrat controlled state spending during the blow-off historic corruption of Blagojevich/Quinn. The Democrat Machine- contractors, politicians, and patronage army- stand in naked fear of the result that such an audit would bring.

Such an audit would fumigate thousands of campaign cash-for-patronage hires in agencies, boards and commissions; rescind bloated, rigged bid or mis-awarded contracts; stop the stealing, waste, and legalized graft that do-nothing, ribbon-cutting pork hounds like Cedra’s opponent – Sen. A.J. Wilhelmi – thrive on…at your expense.

“I envision an audit that would not only institute controls on future spending,” said Cedra, ” but provide evidence of possible criminal acts of fraud to prosecute.” Wow, that’s a tough mom!

So what is the Chicago Machine doing? They are using political tricks intentionally written into Illinois unconstitutional election code. These tricks, written in Springfield and honed in Chicago, have brought out President Barack Obama’s top Illinois election lawyer and the General Council of the Illinois Democratic Party, Michael Kasper to challenge Crenshaw’s candidacy.

The arguments that Kasper used were the same arguments that have been rejected by the Cook County Board of Elections. The local papers have editorialized on Crenshaw’s behalf. After five weeks of consideration, word is that sometime today- on Friday before the 4th of July, while everyone is on vacation- the Will County (Democrat dominated) Board of Elections is going to railroad Crenshaw’s candidacy.

We must all go forward together, or it all ends right here!

Immediately, Crenshaw’s legal team will appeal the insider election board’s decision to the circuit court of appeals. All legal experts agree that she’ll win that appeal. DONATE TO CAMPAIGN FOR LEGAL DEFENSE. In question is a new state law that conflicts with the old law in regards to candidate nominating process. Crenshaw handled her process in the same manner that similar Democrats handled their processes under the new law!

The challenge isn’t the only “Chicago honed” ballot scam that the Democrats have pulled on Crenshaw. A Christopher Pedersen filed petitions as an “Independent Conservative” for the offices of Governor, US Senate, Secretary of State, State Senate and State Representative with no signatures! Then the Illinois Democratic Party put out a very derisive press release that Crenshaw was a hypocrite to “challenge” this guy’s ballot access in her state senate race! Chicago Democrats are simply trying to muddy the waters on the baggage-free Crenshaw…

Cedra Crenshaw is just “One Mom” who decided she’d had enough of the Chicago Democratic Machine and she “was going on offense”. Slated four hours before the nominating deadline, Crenshaw and her team then collected 2,100 petition signatures over the next two weeks and fought her way into the Illinois state senate race.

As we mentioned above, Crenshaw’s opponent, A.J. Wilhelmi, is a typical member of Illinois’ political establishment. It’s been said, he “has a lot of friends”. Wilhelmi has so many friends that in 2008, he couldn’t even vote to give the people of Illinois the right to remove corrupt Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office. Wilhelmi voted “present”!

Illinois doesn’t need to elect more people who are “friends” of our corrupt system. We need people who will UPSET that system. Cedra Crenshaw understands that cozy insiders are driving her city, county and state into a ditch filled with red ink and bankruptcy filings. That’s why you should stand with Cedra and demand that challengers who followed the rules get on ballot.