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Village Manager Earns More than All 50 Governors

Click here for the updated Palatine Village Manager Compensation Analysis. As additional Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA) are fulfilled, here is the updated analysis of the Palatine Village Manager Compensation as compiled by a local Palatine resident. The estimated total

City Manager Gets Country Club, Gym Memberships and $350k a Year

Transparency, accountability and limited government are the cornerstone principles of For The Good of Illinois. We encourage citizens to ask their local school districts, municipalities, counties, and other units of local government to show taxpayers exactly where government spends every

In Illinois, Reform Is Stretching Far Down the Ballot

Our mantra, “We all go forward together, or it all ends right here!” For the past 18 months, I’ve been saying that Republicans in Illinois could start winning elections if the establishment/patronage wing married the reform wing of the party.

Chicago Machine Is Afraid of a… Mom!

In October, 2009, at an Illinois GOP Governor Candidate Debate, moderator Chris Robling opened the debate with the line, “The on-going concern of the State of Illinois is in question!” He was right, and the primary reasons Illinois is such

The American Promise-Our First Principles

In 1831, a French aristocrat, Alexis de Tocqueville’s recognized how different America’s infant democracy was from other democratic republics. He issued warnings to our young republic, “One also finds in the human heart a depraved taste for equality, which impels

Speaker Michael Madigan, Where Did the Money Go?

“As Speaker, I want every citizen of Illinois to know this is a people’s Legislature — we are here to serve the public, openly, honestly and with the highest standards. I am accountable only to you”, says Speaker Madigan’s own

Our Freedom Is Yours

On Saturday morning, I was stopped short by a text message- a plane crash had killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 96 others. Immediately, I called and asked the location… Russia.

With tragic irony, the Polish Presidential delegation was wiped out

Will My Army of Davids Beat Boardroom Goliaths?

As the clock winds down on the Illinois Governor’s race, the question on everyone’s mind is whether a newcomer like me, running on robust policy and an American success story, can beat a gaggle of Country Club Republicans and also-rans.