#Occupy Manipulates the Media, the Public and the English Language in Squatting Scandal Strategy Session

An e-mail exchange detailing a conference call between members of the Occupy Wall Street media team exposes the level of coordination happening to attempt to save face over a recent New York Post story that exposed how Occupy had taken over a foreclosed home despite the owner’s wishes. Almost concurrently with Big Government’s report on the story yesterday, the #Occupy media team was having a confab in crisis management that would make any Fortune 500 company blush.

The media team takes a smart strategy and realizes that attacking the owner of the house directly is probably a bad move. However, behind the scenes they can’t help trashing him and calling him dishonest…

“Post story, owner made several claims, most of them false. Says OWS won’t let him into his house.”

Despite this insult, the back-and-forth reveals that there are actually negotiations going on back-and-forth between Wide’s attorney and Occupy Wall Street.

1. Premo: one question – meghan hasn’t been able to get in touch with Wise’s lawyer since the new year? El: don’t think she’s been trying actively to get in touch with him. Now that the article has come out that changes the negotiation.

2. [ed note: this line blank in original email]

3. El: the last meeting did go well, Wise wasn’t there but his lawyer was. Lawyer agreed to speak with Wise about working with us, agreed that the best solution would be to work with us to transition it to a community land trust, and fight the banks to reduce his debt so that he can become a home owner again.

Will the public and the lenders be made aware that there is a behind the scenes shakedown via media exposure being worked out here? The homeowner is trying to play on sympathy to get back his foreclosed property and Occupy Wall Street wants to gain positive media exposure, even though they were squatting in someone else’s private property.

Oh, wait. The Occupy Wall Street media team is smart enough to ban the use of the word squatting to describe their squatting. Media team member Premo says;

messaging…never use the word squatting when reporters come to the house

This is another example of how Occupy Wall Street is far from the “spontaneous” gathering that many in the press of try to make it out to be. It’s a media savvy operation with calculated messaging designed to hide their far left tactical agenda. They’re smart enough to realize that tactics like squatting which the left has used in Europe for many years probably won’t play with the middle class Americans that #OWS is so desperate to reach.