Ryan to Encourage Conservatives to 'Go Bold in 2012' during CPAC Keynote Speech

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) previewed details of his upcoming keynote speech to be delivered Thursday evening at the CPAC conference in the Washington.  Ryan emphasized “Conservatives in 2012 Must Go Bold”, not only to win the general election in November but  to offer the country a path back to prosperity.

As Conservative leaders prepare for the nasty fight ahead to win the White House, Ryan offered an alternative solution other than focusing solely on President Obama’s failed policies.  He mentioned the American people need a “clear choice of two futures” through a very specific vision of restoration.

Ryan warns if Obama is re-elected a severe debt crisis would likely occur within the next two to three years and if Republicans prevail, they will have the chance to preempt that type of economic disaster.  He mentioned the worst case scenario would be our country becoming a complete “welfare state” due to Obama’s agenda and current track record.  The Chairman states, “At CPAC I’ll make the case for clarifying the choice facing the American people: our principled plan to restore the American Idea versus the President’s failed agenda of debt, doubt, and decline.”

After the Ryan interview, I received some criticism from a liberal friend.  She harped, “you people have made Ryan a budget god”. To which I replied, “at least he has a budget.”  It highlights an important aspect of Chairman Ryan who develops and offers viable solutions like his budget plan and now the plan to offer a very clear alternative to President Obama failings.   He mentioned that at the speech on Thursday  he will give prominence to creating an “affirming” plan for Conservatives this election year, that offer valid solutions therefore giving us a “moral authority.”

Paul stressed, “As reformers, it is our task in the year ahead to make clear the reform agenda needed to get us back on track – to get our economy growing, to tackle the rising cost of health care, to strengthen health and retirement security for all Americans, and to lift the crushing burden of debt so that hardworking families can prosper. We need reforms that expand opportunity and upward mobility.”

As Occupy DC protesters prepare glitter bombs for the upcoming conference, Republicans like Paul Ryan are creating solutions.  “If we give the American people a clear choice,” Ryan emphasized, “I have faith that they will reaffirm our Founding principles, giving us the moral authority to get America back on track.”