Obama's Decline Among Catholics and Everyone Else, By the Numbers

This has been a tough week for President Obama. He picked a fight with the Catholic Church, the largest charity in the world, and his poll numbers took a nose dive. And when he called for a compromise, most Catholics and Americans heard “uncle.” Today, Rasmussen released a poll showing that just 27% of the nation’s voters approve of Obama’s performance.  Thirty-seven percent strongly disapprove.

The Obama administration recently ruled that all insurance policies must offer contraceptive services with no co-payments required. In and of itself, that decision is neither positive nor negative. Forty-three percent of voters favor it, while 46 percent are opposed. Among Catholics, though, according to Scott Rasmussen, only 28% believe religious organizations should be required to implement rules that violate church teachings. Sixty-five percent are opposed, which is true even though many Catholics disagree with the Pope on this matter. The only Catholics that agree with Obama are those that already voted for him. Only 39% of Catholic voters approve of Obama’s job performance today, compared to 54% in November 2008.

ext-align: -webkit-auto; background-color: #ffffff; font-family: georgia, ‘times new roman’, ‘bitstream charter’, times, serif;”>The person most helped by all of this is Rick Santorum, who now trails the president nationwide by only four points, 46% to 42%. In Ohio, Santorum is even with Obama, while Romney trails by four points.

Interestingly, Mitt Romney’s argument about electability is also called into question by recent polling. According to Rasmussen’s tracking history, Obama attracts some 50% of the vote against Romney’s 40%, opening up the largest lead Obama has yet enjoyed against Romney in regular polling going back more than a year. It’s also the first time that the president has reached the 50% level of support against Romney.

So what to make of it all? Romney’s down against Obama and Santorum’s up.

Ah, but will he swing and miss in November?