Get Ready for the Obama 'Monarchy'

Yesterday, White House Domestic Policy Council member Cecilia Munoz appeared on “The Bill Press Show.”  There, she explained that Congress was filled with “roadblocks,” and that the budget wasn’t going anywhere fast. But she added that “this President has shown that he’s not afraid to make administrative changes where he can when Congress doesn’t act.”  She said something similar on NPR, stating, “You’ve also heard the president say that in areas where we’re struggling to get legislation through because we don’t have the partners we need … this president is going to do what he can to move the ball forward for people even in the absence of Congressional action.”

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This message was echoed by Former Attorney General Ed Meese of the Heritage Foundation, who explained that Obama had “disdain for Congress,” and that his use of “czars” brings his Administration “as close to a monarchy as since the days of George III.”

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The left is no longer hiding its desire for dictatorial executive authority. Why?  Because it all fits into the campaign strategy. Obama will run against Congress, and make the case that even if a Republican Congress is re-elected, he will be able to run roughshod over them. Obama’s centralization of power is the key to his re-election effort.  He must take credit for any gains and blame any losses on an intransigent Congress.