Is ID For Taking SATs Racist?

Is ID For Taking SATs Racist?

Jenny Anderson of the New York Times has an article out today about how it will now be required to show photo ID in order to take the SAT or ACT college entrance exams.

No word yet on whether Eric Holder and the Justice Department will come down with full fury and righteous action to stop this injustice.  Because, surely this is racist, right?  If having someone show photo identification in order to vote is racist, then having them do the same in order to take college entrance exams must be racist too, no?

It’s the minorities and the poor who are supposedly discriminated against with Voter ID laws, so certainly these same minorities and poor people would be victimized by photo ID requirements for college entrance exams.  One could safely assume that the liberals who dominate education would rise up in unison to denounce this new policy.  But according to the article, “Principals and superintendents welcomed the new measures, many of which they said they had advocated for more than a decade.”

Kathleen Rice, District Attorney for Nassau County NY said, “They will be caught and held accountable; the old system did not ensure that.”

So the old system, in which people just showed up and took the tests without having to prove who they were, led to multiple cases of cheating — of people saying they were someone else and taking the test under a false name. And there were people who paid those cheaters to cheat.

The Times gives an example of a young man who took the test numerous times under false names, including doing so for females with gender-neutral names.

Yet liberals tell us that voter ID laws won’t stop fraudulent voting. Conservatives aren’t trying to stop voter fraud, liberals say; they are simply evil racists trying to suppress the votes of the poor and of minorities.

Will these same liberals denounce the photo ID requirements for college entrance exams? Don’t hold your breath.