Michael Barone Lists Candidates GOP Should Have Run

Michael Barone Lists Candidates GOP Should Have Run

Longtime political writer and great conservative thinker Michael Barone has joined Peter Robinson on Uncommon Knowledge. 

They discuss the possibility of a brokered convention in Tampa, why campaign finance regulations need to go, and how they infringe upon our first amendment rights. The shortcomings of the remaining presidential candidates are detailed, and Mr. Barone argues that the current ten most talented, intelligent Republicans in the country did not seek the nomination. 

He does not believe that any of the candidates have the necessary credentials for the job. Finally, a narrative is advanced exposing how President Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility mixed with his “tax, regulate, and expand government now, ask questions later” bravado pose grave threats to American exceptionalism.

Discussion of the presidential primary provides insights into the flaws of the presidential nomination process, the flaws of the candidates, and the psychology of anyone who would seek the office. He also tackles the ever so elusive question of, “so why hasn’t Romney locked this nomination up?”  Most importantly, the primary process has continued to display that big government interference, often motivated by mere political whim, will result in laws which force Americans to, “violate their conscience.”

Mr. Barone rightly articulates that Mr. Obama is “squeezing out creativity” from the nation’s brightest entrepreneurs, while simultaneously increasing the government’s percentage of the national GDP from 20% to 24%. President Obama is rapidly moving the nation away from American Exceptionalism to a European, Socialist model. The country is faced with “…A decision between Tocqueville’s America and Tocqueville France.” Mr. Obama has made his intentions clear.

You don’t want to miss this episode – check it out below.

Decision 2012: Above the fray with Michael Barone

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