GOP Super PAC to Begin Anti-Obama Campaign

GOP Super PAC to Begin Anti-Obama Campaign


American Crossroads, the largest of the Republican super PACs, said it plans to begin its first major anti-President Obama ad campaign this month.

Leaders at American Crossroads said they would focus most of advertising from May through July, The New York Times reported Sunday.

Steven J. Law, president and chief executive officer at American Crossroads, said the ads address “how to dislodge voters” from Obama, who polls show is viewed favorably even though disapproval of his handling of the economy is high.

A super PAC, or political action committee, is an organization that campaigns for or against political candidates, ballot initiatives or legislation. Observers said they anticipate greater super PAC participation in the 2012 election because of the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United vs. FCC, which effectively ended the restrictions on political contributions from the general funds of corporations and unions.

The Crossroads advertising push would give the campaign of GOP front-runner Mitt Romney the time it needs to complete its national organization, refill its bank account and finish its own advertising plan, which is expected to highlight the economic hurt experienced by ordinary Americans.

Obama campaign aides said they’re planning another round of ads, Web videos and Twitter postings painting Romney as one who favors the rich and would put an unfair burden on the middle class and the poor, The Times said.

Senior Obama strategist David Axelrod, asked about American Crossroads’ advertising plans Sunday, said the super PAC’s campaign would be a “tough sell” because voters “would see right through those who want to go back to the same failed policies that were so punishing for them and the entire country.”

Obama’s supportive super PAC, Priorities USA Action, isn’t nearly as well heeled as its GOP rivals. The group and its issues-oriented partner, Priorities USA, raised $6.1 million last year, financial documents showed. American Crossroads and its affiliated Crossroads GPS raised $51 million last year.