Obama, Dan Savage, and 'the bull@#$!' in the Bible'

Obama, Dan Savage, and 'the bull@#$!' in the Bible'

When we think of the consequences of electing Barack Obama to four more years in office, we often think about how he would use that lame duck presidency to step up attempts to “fundamentally change” America. Without having to answer to voters again, he’d be able to raise taxes even higher, give away even more food stamps, and deny us even more oil (thus driving gasoline prices higher and higher). Oh, and he could finally go after guns the way he only wishes he could now.

But what could be even worse than what Obama might do, is what he would allow,and perhaps even enable, his friends to do.

Think about it this way–Obama and Dan Savage are friends. And long before Savage stood before high schoolers on April 13th and laughed at “the bull@#$! in the Bible,” President Obama was appearing in videos for Savage’s It Gets Better Project.  And long before Savage used the phrase “pansy asses” to bully students who took offense at his attacks on the Bible, Obama’s White House was raising money for Savage’s anti-bullying campaign.

In 2008, we were warned that Obama’s close ties with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and domestic terrorist Billy Ayers spelled trouble. Voters didn’t listen, and since then, we’ve been subjected to relentless Wright-like class warfare and the kind of community organizing that Ayers proudly inculcated in Obama.

What will four more years of Obama’s friend Savage unplugged be like? If students who stand up for the Bible today are “pansy asses,” what will they be after Obama and Savage share laughs over another drink at a White House dinner party?

These are questions worth asking, because four more years of Obama in power equals four more years of Obama’s friends enabled and emboldened by that power.