Big Brother Strikes Back: Bird Strike Sales Pro on FAA Watch List

Big Brother Strikes Back: Bird Strike Sales Pro on FAA Watch List

Grant Cardone, the best-selling author and international sales expert who filmed the bird strike that forced Los Angeles-bound Delta flight 1063 to make an emergency landing on April 19, has been informed by the Federal Aviation Administration that he has been placed on a “watch list” for the next two years.

Cardone provided a letter to Breitbart News, dated April 25, 2012, in which FAA officials informed him that his admission on television that he had used a portable electronic device (PED) during takeoff meant that he may have placed the flight in danger, and therefore was being placed on the watch list in lieu of any other penalties.

“Rather than the FAA using fear tactics on American citizens, they are treating me like a terrorist after three million miles in the air,” Cardone says.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people on airplanes every day who forget to turn their PED off,” he observed. “The government is provoking fear in citizens, instead of transparency, as President Obama had promised.

“I’m a self-made guy. I’m hiring people, I’m providing jobs,” Cardone added. He said that if flying became more difficult as a result of the FAA’s action, it would become more difficult for him to work.

Cardone said that the FAA had not contacted him prior to its decision. Officials at the FAA could not be reached for comment.