The Conservative Choice for Texas Senate Seat

The Conservative Choice for Texas Senate Seat

Two weeks ago, I sat down with the Dallas Morning News editorial board. Their first three questions were: (1) “Is it good to be a moderate?” (2) “Do we need more compromise in Washington?” and (3) “How will you be bipartisan and work across the aisle?” At that point, I laughed out loud and told them, “If you’re looking for a moderate establishment Senator who will be a bipartisan compromiser, working with Democrats to raise taxes, increase spending, and grow the debt — I ain’t your guy.”

I continued, “If that’s what you’re looking for, you have two perfect choices in this election. Both David Dewhurst and Tom Leppert have spent their entire careers in elected office working across the aisle, compromising with Democrats to raise taxes and grow government spending.” The Dallas Morning News agreed. Torn between Leppert and Dewhurst, they ultimately chose Dewhurst because, as they said, “Dewhurst has been bipartisan at times, including appointing Democrats to head committees.”

They emphatically didn’t choose me, because I’m a conservative who really believes in conservative values. Even worse, I’ve spent a lifetime fighting for those values and will lead the fight to stop the spending in Washington. As they put it, “He’s pugnacious, in-your-face, combative.” Well, when it comes to taking on the Obama agenda, that’s just what I’ll be.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram agreed, although they tilted the scales between Dewhurst and Leppert in favor of Leppert, because “he demonstrated that his ability to negotiate in the boardroom translated well to council chambers.”

The Houston Chronicle‘s endorsement was the most resounding. It provided a full-throated defense that Dewhurst should wear the “moderate” label proudly, for that is who he is. After stating that their ideal candidate would be a mix of Lloyd Bentsen and Lyndon Johnson, they picked Dewhurst, stating: “We’re also very aware of the vilification Dewhurst has received for being a ‘moderate’ Republican, as if the very word were a slur. It is not.”

And, in a refreshing display of intellectual honesty, the Austin-American Statesman endorsed me in this race, not because they agree with my views – they expressly disagreed, saying they thought my views are too conservative – but because Texas primary voters are looking for a strong conservative fighter, and that’s who I am. As they put it, “For Republican primary voters looking for a no-frills, no-apologies conservative, Cruz is the genuine article.”

In my view, the last thing we need in Washington is another go-along-to-get-along bipartisan moderate. Barack Obama is the most radical President we have ever had and his profligate spending has driven our nation to the brink of bankruptcy, but he didn’t create the problem alone. Career politicians in both parties, eager to stay in power by buying votes, have cooperated (“compromised,” to use the media’s preferred term) in robbing the taxpayers. And we’re going broke. 

I don’t think the problem in Washington has been too much principle from Republicans. To the contrary, in 2006 and 2008 Republicans lost their way, and that’s a big part of the reason why Obama was elected. I think we need to draw a line in the sand – to get back to the free-market principles that have made our nation great. We need to stand up and fight for liberty, fight to restore the Constitution. 

As the papers said, if you want a moderate establishment incumbent, David Dewhurst is your choice. But if you want a strong conservative fighter – who will lead the fight against the Obama agenda and not compromise us into bankruptcy – then I ask for your support.

Ted Cruz is a conservative Republican, endorsed by Sarah Palin, running for Senate in Texas. More info: