AFL-CIO Deploys Dozens of Jesse Jackson GOTV Vans in #WIRECALL

AFL-CIO Deploys Dozens of Jesse Jackson GOTV Vans in #WIRECALL

This morning AFL-CIO Wisconsin President Phil Neuenfeldt kicked off this rolling GOTV effort at the Machinist Union in Racine, WI, according the AFL-CIO member driving this truck.

I caught up with the driver (a Milwaukee resident) of this mobile unit at a meeting point where he will rendezvous with another larger 12’x12′ vehicle to patrol the area neighborhoods. The driver told me, the AFL-CIO has deployed 30-40 of these vehicles in the 7-county area here on the eastern side of the state. He told me they have been roving the streets all week.

I asked if there were any specific routes they are on, or if they are on a random uncharted path, and he told me they are specifically targeting poor, and middle-lower class neighborhoods to strictly get out the vote.

The vehicles are plastered with AFL-CIO Reclaim Wisconsin placards and each one is also equipped with a sound system composed of a portable CD player connected to speakers or megaphones. The vehicles will drive through the communities playing a message from Reverend Jesse Jackson and several locally elected officials encouraging residents to vote for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Professional Fire Fighters Union President Mahlon Mitchell in the country’s third ever gubernatorial recall election.