Mormons and Jews May Help Put Romney over The Top

Mormons and Jews May Help Put Romney over The Top

Mormon support for Mitt Romney is stronger than it was for John McCain in 2008, and Jewish support for Barack Obama is dwindling, according to a new Gallup poll In 2008, McCain got 75% of the Mormon vote; Romney is polling at 84%. In 2008 Obama got 74% of the Jewish vote, the Gallup poll showed his support has dropped to 64%.

Although Mormons and Jews comprise a relatively small percentage of the electorate, their numbers can influence some states thought to be in play in November. Mormons are roughly 7% of the vote in Nevada, and they are reliable voters, so Nevada, which went for Obama in 2008, may lean Republican. Jews can influence other swing states; Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida could all swing back to the Republicans if they turn away from Obama.

The nine states that voted Democrat in 2008 after voting Republican in 2004 are Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia. Virginia and North Carolina are already in play, and with the new poll showing Mormons and Jews may help Mitt Romney in Nevada, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, prospects are looking brighter for his campaign.

Obama has been hurt in the Jewish community by his consistent betrayal of Israel in leaking information about Israel’s plans for attacking Iran, as well as his suggestion that Israel return to its pre-1967 borders, which would effectively be a suicide pact.