When Government Is Out of Control

When Government Is Out of Control

I challenge everyone in this country to go one day without breaking the law. The obvious tests would be not to exceed the speed limit, grab a single grape and pop it in your mouth at the market, or log on to an unsecure wi-fi at Starbucks.

Sure, most of those items we’re all probably okay with, but who among us doesn’t think there are hundreds, if not thousands of government procedures, rules, laws, taxes, edicts, mandates, permits, and onerous statutes we could do just fine without? The long-term effect is we have become desensitized to the fact that we have become a nation overwhelmed by government intrusion.

There was a time when the government did it’s best to get out of the way of innovation, hard work, entrepreneurism, and prosperity. But now, our country is under assault, facing a crisis of government overreach and bordering on tyranny. It feels like every move you make is subject to government interference and regulation.

This great nation, founded on the principles of individual liberty and freedom, and supported by the Constitution, is facing a crisis of government overreach. What once was a slippery slope is now a free-fall under the Obama Administration,  signing executive orders which ignore the rule of law, and government agencies implementing new regulations which encroach on every aspect of our lives.

I know that sounds trite, but let me explain just how serious this is:

Until recently, our civil liberties were what made the American Dream a possibility for any individual who was motivated. But today, those liberties are being ripped from the fabric of American culture, stripped away one-by-one by the Obama administration.

When the Obama administration got the Affordable Care Act passed, it did something never done before, and that’s why it is before the Supreme Court.  The new healthcare law mandated that an individual buy a product, whether he/she wants to or not.  It takes away the right of Americans to say “no,” which is a direct assault on our personal liberty. 

I have another issue with President Obama’s healthcare law. Where does the administration get the power to usurp the Constitution’s protection regarding Freedom of Religion under the 1st Amendment? The HHS, just this year, mandated that religious institutions and organizations must provide coverage of contraception even if it runs contrary to their religious doctrine – it’s a blatant assault on faith in this country. 

The administration’s arrogance has reached a dangerous level, most recently when the country’s #1 law enforcement officer, Eric Holder, withheld “Fast and Furious” documents, and the President backed him up with Executive Privilege. Any crime committed by our government must be investigated–Americans deserve to know how and why. There are at least three people who have no desire to get to the truth of why Americans, Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata were murdered along with hundreds of Mexicans. They are: Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Felipe Calderone.  

We have our work cut out for us.  As I’ve visited businesses and communities and talked with hundreds of individuals in Northern Michigan, my resolve has only grown.  We must rescue America from this government overreach–we must stand up for our liberties.  Only if we free ourselves from out-of-control government can the well-being of our children and future generations be assured. 

In November, we will begin to restore America’s Exceptionalism.  I believe we can do it, both in Northern Michigan and across the country.  We must start here; we must start now.  We can’t afford to wait.