Obama Admin Flip-Flops on Gun Control

Obama Admin Flip-Flops on Gun Control

President Barack Obama may not know that AK-47 assault rifles are not used by the U.S. military but he seems to have realized that the country values the Second Amendment. Calling for more gun control measures will hurt Obama’s reelection efforts in November.

The day after the Aurora, Colorado shootings, liberals politicized the shootings to call for more gun control. White House spokesman Jay Carney said that Obama supported a ban on assault weapons. And while Obama was addressing the National Urban League on Wednesday, Obama called for gun control measures, again singling out the ban on assault weapons that he desires. 

But on Thursday, according to the Associated Press (AP), the Obama administration flip-flopped on gun control, deciding they will not seek to change the nation’s gun laws and instead focus on enforcing existing laws better.

According to the AP, “public opinion has shifted away from tighter gun control” during the last twenty years, and the Obama campaign seemed well aware of this.

Republicans — including Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin — have repeatedly argued in the days after the Aurora shootings that gun restrictions would not stop those intent on doing harm from obtaining “assault weapons.”

Obama’s allies in the media had floated some trial balloons earlier in the week theorizing that supporting gun control could actually help Obama electorally.

Those trial balloons seem to have popped.