Romney Raises $101 Million In July; Has $186 Million War Chest

Romney Raises $101 Million In July; Has $186 Million War Chest

Mitt Romney’s campaign announced on Monday that they — and the Republican National Committee — raised over $101.3 million in July. The campaign and the RNC have nearly $185.9 million cash on hand. 

“We are honored to have the support of a broad spectrum of donors–Independents, Democrats and Republicans–whose support of Governor Romney shows that he has the needed plan to jumpstart our economy and get the country on the right track again.” Romney National Finance Chairman Spencer Zwick said in a statement. “We are well on track to raise the money to be successful in November.  If you haven’t given, show your support by joining the group of donors who have shown their commitment to Governor Romney and the Romney Victory effort.”

RNC Chair Reince Priebus, who has more than stabilized the RNC’s fundraising since he has taken over as chairman, said the fundraising numbers show “Americans are clearly looking for a change in the White House.”

“While President Obama claims that his economic plan ‘worked,’ the American people know that his policies haven’t worked and he has failed to fix our economy,” Priebus said. “Mitt Romney has a plan that will create jobs, grow the economy, and build a stronger middle class – that is why he is seeing such strong support.”

Here are some numbers:

94.13% Of All Donations Received In July Were $250 Or Less

$25.7 Million Raised By Donations Under $250 In July

600,627 Donations Received Under $250 In July

Last month, the Romney campaign raised $106 million, which beat Obama’s campaign by $35 million. In May, Romney’s team beat Obama by $17 million. If the gap between Romney’s team and Obama’s has increased even more in July, it may force the White House to scramble.

Romney’s fundraising advantage, along with outside groups who are pouring money on his behalf, has allowed Romney to do what John McCain, whose campaign was broke four years ago, could not: take on Obama commercial by commercial. 

Nowhere is this more clear than in Virginia. 

In the waning days of the 2008 campaign, the Obama campaign blanketed the Commonwealth with television commercials. McCain did not have the money to run any.

In 2012, Virginia is the state that may decide the presidency, and Obama has again blanketed the airwaves with commercials. But those commercials have been matched by Romney, displaying how the playing field for 2012 is a lot different than it was in 2008.